I am starting this blog to help to motivate myself even more on this weight loss journey. I started just after Christmas 2009 and I know it will be a long journey but one I lknow will be worth it in the end. This has been a long time coming....

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Easter Without Chocolate...

Well first things first, I have finally managed to get off the "stay the same" wagon and lose 5.5lb! I am very excited about it but am now nervous that it might have been a blip and will whack it all back on for my WI on Monday. I have my fingers crossed that I won't. I really worked hard last week and am so glad to see the back of the 2 weeks that I stayed the same. I have been eating really well again and am still making an effort to keep moving and earning activity points on my WW pedometer.

Friday night was lovely, just me and Mr B, plus the entire population of Sout Yorkshire under one roof in Meadow Hall shopping centre!!! It was the most busy I have ever seen it and then it cleared at tea time as everyone thought it was closing early. That part was bliss! I needed to get re measured for bras as mine very feeling less than suportive. I tried La Senza but as I am quite *ahem* lets say blessed in that area, the very rude shop lady with too much make up and perfume told me that me and my giant bazoomas were not welcome! Off I trooted to M&S where it took at least an hour to get seen, even Mr B got fed up of wandering around looking at TV's and thats his favourite thing to do! I now know that I have gone from an E to a D which is quite a lot really, and a bit of a novelty as I've never lost weight from my chest before. The lady who did the measuring did make me giggle. She was a lovely older lady that reminded me of one of my great aunts, who then proceeded to tell me to "jiggle and wiggle" them into position!! She was ace! Once sorted we celebrated my shrinking chest my having tea in a place called "Coal". Really didn't know what to have, but other half spotted what were called "fire sticks" on the menu. I had the chicken ones and they are amazing. It's a bit of a spectacle to see to be honest, firstly you get a metal stand on your table for the red hot skillet of veg, then theres the fire sticks which are your meat skewered onto what can only be described as thin swords, this is then put onto the skillet at your table (the meat/fish is already grilled). Mr B was green with envy at this point and tried making me swap him for his steak sandwich and chips! NO WAY JOSE!!

Saturday was mainly taken up by us visiting York with my youngest sister and Grandma. We had a lovely day of walking around in the sunshine with some lovely food and lots of laughter, just what we all needed I think. Although many people were laughing at my sister rather than with Isuspect, we definately were! In her infinate 15 year old wisdom, it had been raining at home so she wore her wellies. Now it was sunny in York but there were still puddles around so she was taking full advantage of this by screaming "PUDDLE" and running full pelt at it to jump in! Crazy girl, I din't know where she gets it from....

Sunday was the family meal at the Italian near our flat. It was a lovely afternoon even though I was feeling severley off it and barely ate much. The bread went down well though!

Well I'm now off to keep up my good work with the walking about as I need some more freah air.

More updates soon,
Lex xxx

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  1. LOL.. love the stuff about La Senza... i have the same problem (and the same result, i have also gone from E to D in the last few weeks, and down from 46 to 44) .. just discovered you blog and off now to read the rest.. hope you have a great rest of the week! xx