I am starting this blog to help to motivate myself even more on this weight loss journey. I started just after Christmas 2009 and I know it will be a long journey but one I lknow will be worth it in the end. This has been a long time coming....

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Portion Distortion

Hello my lovelies, I hope you're all well. WI went OK this week, 0.5 lb off which is better than a gain although after all the effort I put in last week I was hoping for at least a pound off .
The topic that the wonderful Jackie spoke about in our meeting this week was portions. How we all get complacent and portion sizes start to slowly creep up. The more she spoke, the more I realised just how much I'm not helping myself with little habits I've picked up. It's the little things that add up isn't it! For me its daft things like having an extra hot drink with milk in a couple of days a week (extra pro points), finishing off the last spoon of Nancy's yogurt a few days a week (each little pot is 2 PP!), "forgetting" to write down extra snacks during the day (around 2 PP a go), not measuring table spoons of salad dressings etc... I'm sure you catch my drift. If I did the afore mentioned things every day for a week I would make a severe dent in the weekly points allowance that I could have used on something that I actually wanted and had pre pointed up.
Sooooooo, this week I am making a conscious effort to weigh, measure, and not "forget" to track anything. So far so good, I have even dusted off my measuring spoons. I have gone over my daily allowance yesterday and today, although only slightly and everything has been accounted for. I blame today's extra points on the delicious flapjack cookies I baked this morning from the new WW cook book "The Complete Kitchen". Everyone who has eaten them has said they're very yummy and I should bake some more. They are well worth the 2 PP each! Tomorrow during Miss Fancy's nap time (if we survive the freezing play group) I shall be attempting to bake the blue berry muffins out of said cook book. It's on offer in the meetings at the mo, and I'd snap it up if I were you!
Lets see what happens...
Lex xxx

Sunday, 15 April 2012


Well hello my lovelies, I hope you are all well. Once again I have been declared M.I.A (or missing in action if you've not been forced to war films as I have...). I am still here and still plodding along with the weight loss. I am now back at my pre-baby weight and have once again lost 70 lb or 5 stones if you please, and I'm sure you don't mind if I feel a little bit chuffed with my little self.
Not sure if I mentioned it in my last posts, but I'm back in the gym rocking the work out wear once more. I had forgotten how much I like exercise to be honest! That is quite something to say that I skipped as many PE classes as I could when I was at school, and up until I started on this journey I avoided any sort of non-essential moving of any kind. I'm back into the Zumba classes and I'm running again. I would love to one day run a proper race, I have never admitted that to any one at all before! Eeeeeek!!!
Another positive bit of news is that's I have finally started CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) after being on the waiting list for VERY long time, and to be honest I am more than ready for it. As some of you know, I have had depression for a long time and have had many a battle with myself. CBT, for those of you who are interested, helps to provide you with different ways of thinking and behaving in situations that cause anxiety etc that are your personal "trigger" if you will. I have my first real session tomorrow afternoon, and I know that after the last session which was just a bit of a quick interview type jobby, I was shattered so I hope that a cuppa and a Zumba class tomorrow evening will sort my head out ready for WI on Tuesday morning!
I promise I won't leave it as long between posts this time!!
Lex xxx

Friday, 10 February 2012

Photo Updates...

Twice in the same week I hear you say??? Oh yes boys and girls, how ever this is a post full of pictures. I will apologise for those of you who have no interest in Miss Fancy Pants as there will be a few pics of her, but in my opinion she is awesome so here she is in all her glory! These are from November up until Monday of this week and are in no order what so ever...

Enjoying the first taste of "big girl" dinner.

Warming up in cafe with Mr B in Rhyl on new years day

A spot of raspberry practice at Nancy's best friends 1st birthday party (18th Dec.). You never know when the urge to practice will strike.... it has been known to be about 3 am

Scarborough seafront on my birthday hiding my disgust that the Harbour Bar was closed!!!

Family meal for Mr B's birthday at Christmas

Trying to escape from a nice hug as usual

The new favourite trick!

Getting ready for a spot of wrestling her Dad with her sleep suit...

So there you have it, a catch up in pictures of the last couple of months. Has any one seen a small dainty baby anywhere? Not sure where mine went, she appears to have been replaced by one who likes wrestling and finds trumping in the bath (obviously from her Dad) the most hilarious thing EVER!!!!

Lex xxx

Photo updates

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Hiya boys and girls, please let me apologise for my inability to blog of late. I am truly disgraced to see that I haven't posted at all so far this year! How rude of me!!!

To be honest there's not much to catch up on here in sunny South Yorkshire. I'm still going with WW and getting closer to goal with every WI thankfully. I'm more determined than ever to get to goal this year, and now I'm back in the gym I hope I can get there sooner rather than later.

After a meeting at work the other week I realised how much I really DO NOT want to go back to that place, just setting foot inside the car park made me want to cry. Not a good feeling at all. Soooooo as soon as I get within one stone of my goal weight I AM applying to be a WW leader!!! I will have to go back for a while unless we win the lottery in the last few months of my maternity leave.

So I have now lost 66 lbs once more, and as I'm shrinking Miss Fancy is growing! She's now just over 5 months old and is a very cheeky little madam. She's just started eating "real" food so most surfaces are covered in some sort of mushed up fruit or veg, at least I can share the BNS and carrots with out it spoiling my daily allowance!

I will definitely update again soon, I promise!

Lex xxx

Thursday, 8 December 2011


Hello everyone, my name is Alexa and I'm a (not so secret) swisher...

I was introduced to this craze by a friend of mine last week and now cannot wait for my next fix! Before any of you with your mind in the sewer (like mine usually is) start thinking it's some sort of rudy thing,it's far from it! Swishing is the swapping of clothes you no longer like/want/fit into in a party environment, the inclusion of cupcakes and wine is optional yet highly advisable.

We had a great time and one girl was lucky enough to walk away with a brand new set of GHD straighteners as a girl had brought them to get rid as they were an unwanted gift from an ex and she couldn't stand them in the house any longer! Another lucky girl ended up with a few brand new Ann Summers bras as one lady organises Ann Summers partys and was getting rid of her samples, unfortunately I'm far too "blessed" in that department to have been able to benefit. I was lucky enough to come away with some shoes and a couple of skirts, not bad to say the majority of the girls are rather teeny tiny!

Any way I thought it was something that some of you lovelies may be interested in organising with your mates as we all really enjoyed ourselves.

In other news I am now a whole year closer to being 30, it's been a year since our amazing weekend in Edinburgh and Fancy Pants is now three months old!!!

Lex xxx

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Still Going!

Hi boys and girls, I thought I'd better check in with everyone seen as I've been quiet for a while! Hope you're all well :D

So lets get down to the business in hand... Weight Watchers. Last week I had a gain of 1 lb which I was expecting to be honest. We had a messed up week of Mr B working away for the full week in Wolverhampton, so my Mum came to stay for a few days. This meant that I couldn't get out and about walking as much as I would have liked as she's not great with her back and has heart trouble, however I made up for it by walking my little legs off as much as I could leading up to WI today. It paid off too as I had a loss of 2 lb this week! Woooooo! So thats 4.5 lb since returning from maternity leave hahahaha.

As you may know, I get a bit obsessed with planning and being as organised as I can be. Well it seemed to pay off this week as one of my best friends and her gorgeous little girl came over on Wednesday for an adventure to get some material to make the gruesome twosome (our babies!) Christmas stockings. Mrs A is doing well on Slimming World so I made us veg soup to give us strength to battle through the crowds! The vat of this has seen me through the week, and the scrummy healthy lunch that Mrs A made for our crafty day on Sunday was delicious! We were very very good too and had a sliver of cake rather than the chunk of cake (with cream or ice cream) of lunches past. I'm also pleased to report that Mrs A had a great loss at her WI too this week.

I'm hoping to keep the planning and organisation going this week. I've planned all our evening meals for the next week, and I'll have to go to the market for the veggies a few times so I can hopefully gain so activity pro points too! It's times like this that I'm greatful for the basket under the pram, I shudder at the thought of having to carry shopping now hahahaha.

Getting out and about with Miss Fancy Pants in the pram keeps me from going stir crazy, and I'm proud to say that she is the youngest member of the playgroup and the play gym (not that she does any playing yet, just glaring at the kids having fun!). To be honest I've not taken to motherhood as easily as I hoped I would, and the brain mush has returned with a vengence unfortunately. I'm very lucky to be able to be as honest as I am with Mr B and my family, I know not every one is lucky to have such a great support network and as I said getting out to play groups and other meets is really helping.

Any way, thats enough of that. Do any of you lovelies who go to WW meetings have any of the new cook books? I've been flicking through them at the meeting this morning (I have the hearty cooking if thats what it's called with the blue cover) and wondered if you could recommend any of them?

Have a great week,

Lex xxx