I am starting this blog to help to motivate myself even more on this weight loss journey. I started just after Christmas 2009 and I know it will be a long journey but one I lknow will be worth it in the end. This has been a long time coming....

Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Phew is all I can say! A 1 lb gain this week, not as bad as I was expecting to be honest. Now at 16 stone 5 lb, which is still 2 stone and 1 lb gone. It was a tough week last week, only managed the gym twice although I really enjoyed going on Friday morning. It was nice to go at a different time and not be sat at my desk thinking "Only ... hours till I can get to the gym"

We had such a lovely weekend in Lancaster and I relaxed the rules a little with weight watchers whilst we were away. I pointed as well as I could during the day and then as much as I could with the evening meal. But with only my trusty but old guides I did struggle a little. I was very restrained at breakfast time which was quite a turn up for the books. We have stayed at the hotel before and we both knew how amazing the breakfasts are, but I'm very proud to say that I didn't go mad. On the second morning I even ate some fruit and yogurt before getting a very small English breakfast which was mainly scrambled egg, mushroom and tomatoes. Once again another example of my tastes and attitude changing!

Even managed to get a fair few activity points banked too with all the walking we did, which was good seen as I didn't think I'd manage it this weekend.

Just a quick one today I'm afraid,
Lex xx

Friday, 23 April 2010

Avoiding The Inevitable

The title of this sounds gloomy but I don't mean it to be, I've just put off packing for the weekend until now. I'm avoiding it even more by writing this blog too.... Naughty I know! I have got most of my things out though which is a step in the right direction at least!

Had a lovely day off today, and done things that I wanted to for a change. Mr B was off too, so once he'd dragged himself from the bed we went to the gym. It was mega busy today. I never usually go during the day due to being at work, so I was quite shocked at just how busy it was. I eventually managed to get on to the machines that I wanted to. There were so many people sat on them just talking and not using them, it really does bug me.

Had a good day points wise too, even with some wine pointed in I have still managed to save 2 points. I have also gained 6 activity points too which is great news!

Right, I can't put it off any longer. It's time to pack!
Lex xx

Thursday, 22 April 2010

...And Relax!

Well all I can say is WOOOOOOOOOOO! I have now finished work for 4 whole days. I really feel like I've earnt these days off this time! I honestly feel like everything is spiralling out of control and the only thing I can keep on top of is doing weight watchers. I won't go into any detail as if I start I don't think I'd stop!

So anyway, I finally managed to get to the gym last night. It took some getting into I can tell you! I really pushed myself and am regretting it a little bit today, it's really tired me out! I've also earnt a fair few activity points this week too. Going to fit a gym session in in the morning before a nice day of running errands.

Tea tonight was a sweet chili pork steak from a weight watchers magazine, and it was amazing even if I do say so myself! I Need to read through the books that I've borrowed from my other half's mum. Although tomorrow night we're having a chicken dish from one of the books which looks delicious, really looking forward to it.

Should really start thinking about getting stuff ready for the weekend away!

Lex xx

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

My Mini Goal

I am dead chuffed with myself this week, I have achieved my little personal mini goal. I have lost again, 3 lbs this week, which now takes me to 16st 4lbs. This means I have now lost 2 stone 2 lbs!!!! It feels brilliant! I must concentrate on staying at being good now though as I don't want to get comfy or complacent at all. I still have a long way to go but I now feel like I have actually achieved something. My next little goal is to lose as much as I can before we go away for a few days to Cardiff in the middle of May. Now I've typed that and looked at today's date I've realised that it's not that far away really!! Better concentrate on being saintly then! Oh and plan which charm will be joining the others on my beautiful bracelet.

So far so good food choice wise. Although we both had rubbish day's at work yesterday so we decided to eat out last night. I pointed everything and came in dead on points which I was very very pleased at. Also with all the running around at work I'd managed to clock up 5 activity points.

Once again I am finding it very hard trying to fit exercise in this week, what with various appointments, long shifts for sick cover and then the weekend in Lancaster coming up. I am off to the gym tonight and seen as I have booked Friday off I am planning on going on Friday morning. Still not managed to book onto any classes at the gym yet, may have to wait a few weeks for life to get back to normal again I think!

Really looking forward to our weekend away as it's an early anniversary treat. We can't go when it actually is our anniversary as it's my youngest sister's birthday! How very inconsiderate of her!

Lex xx

Monday, 19 April 2010

Fun, fun, fun!!

The last few days has been absolutely manic and then very relaxing! I know I've not blogged for a few days, my excuse is there's no Internet at the in-law's caravan in Skegness! I have been very good food and exercise wise and even managed to resist an ice cream at the sea side.

Wednesday night saw the fun kicking off with me taking my youngest sister to see one of our favourite bands. It was her fist ever gig, and a punk one at that! She soon got into the swing of things and with all the dancing and being red hot i reckon we sweated out the Nando's that we'd had for tea!!!

Thursday was our hectic day of dropping CB off at Mum's then driving to the Skeg. we ended up calling at the services for some lunch which wasn't planned but I thoroughly enjoyed my panini from Costa and it was delicious! I was very surprised to see I came in on points that day, and even racked up 1 activity point even though I'd spent most of the day sat in the car. The caravan was soooooooooooo cold when we eventually got there so the walk around the shops soon got us warming through!

Friday and Saturday saw us doing loads and loads of walking and earning tons of activity points! Again I think the lovely weather helped us out. The only downside to all the lovely sun was the amount of people that descended upon the sea side at the weekend! At one point it was that busy I actually couldn't see anything except for bodies (I'm only 5' 5")! We nearly cracked and went into an Indian on Saturday night but we had already planned a home made curry. It tasted gorgeous but was maybe not a wise choice in the caravan! I even had some wine on both nights too and came in on points. This may also be due to the fact that we have discovered a lovely coffee bar in an amusements along the front. Everything is very lovely, I was very impressed with their salads that I had 2 days on the trot (that's how nice they were!) plus they also do "skinny" lattes, or just skinny milk, BONUS!!!!!! You can tell it's still new and people are still slightly wary of it as it wasn't as busy as we expected, think the trendy coffees might put off the more seasoned Skegness visitor! Even more room for me and Mr B then!! Woooooooo!

Sunday was unfortunately home time, and it took forever to get back! I'd love it if just once we didn't get stuck behind someone doing 40 in a national speed limit zone, or bloody tractors! Anyway, sorry about that rant! We called in at Mr B's parent's on the way home which was nice. His mum has been doing WW on and off for a few years now and has a vast collection of books that she has very very kindly let me borrow. I know I was moaning that I wanted meal ideas, and now I'm getting all inspired again. It's brilliant!

Lex xxx

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


I know I have already said it, but I am LOVING the sunshine! Although as I type this it has dropped cool and clouded over, although it's still good for doing my laps round the building at work. I have to check around the building as part of my job any way so I may as well be earning activity points as I go! I once was that bored that I counted that one lap around the building equates to 200 steps. I also counted that my other walks around the building add up to around the same, all these steps soon add up though and get me those activity points! I managed to earn myself 5 yesterday with all the running around at work and then my lovely walk in the sunshine (have I mentioned that I'm loving the sun?!) afterwards.

I needed to pick Mr B up from the train station at 5ish so I decided to walk around a country park called Pugneys that's at the end of the road from work. It's very nice,there's a main lake where they do boating and other water sports, and a smaller one where you can go birdwatching. The path around the main lake is around 1.6 miles long, with my super speedy walking I went round in 30 Min's, was very impressed with myself! I did get very annoyed with all the little flying bugs though, they always appear just when you need to breathe in! Whats all that about?!

After my walk I still had loads of time to waste before Mr B's train got in, so I decided to pop to the supermarket. My friend has been raving about green tea with lemon for ages, so I decided to try some. Now I'm not a tea drinker at all and she'd promised me it doesn't taste like tea but I can still smell a faint whiff of it. I have now had 3 cups of it and am getting used to the taste. I may even go as far as to say I might even like it!

Tea was a very yummy chicken stir fry last night. I have to admit though that I feel like I'm getting bored with eating the same things. Could anyone recommend one of the weight watchers cooking books? There are so many to chose from!

Working a 12 hour day today, so not long left until 7 pm rolls around. It was very short notice though as someone has gone off sick, so I've had to change my plans for this evening. Oh well I'm sure I'll cope!

Lex xx

Monday, 12 April 2010

Nearly, but not quite....

Well it's been another loss this week, 0.5 lb off this week which is still a loss! I'm now at 16 st 7 lb, which is 1 lb off me losing 2 stone. This means I'm getting closer to getting my next charm for my bracelet! I've had a good few days with food too, well all except for the packet of cheese and onion McCoys that tempted me at my sisters yesterday. Although saying that, I really really did not enjoy them at all. This is another example of my tastes changing, and I quite like it!

Had a really good session at the gym on Friday after work, but it was a struggle to get there. Was feeling very lethargic at work and it took me until 10 minutes in on the cross trainer to actually feel like I could do it that day. Mr B then cooked a gorgeous very low in points curry, yummy yummy in my tummy!!

Saturday was yet another trip to York, visiting friends this time! It was a gorgeous day and we actually had sun glasses on and walked round with NO coats on!!!! Blooming 'eck! Loads of activity points earnt from dodging all the tourists that were dawdling along and getting in the way of my super fast walking hehehehe. We also managed to avoid eating fish and chips at our friend's house too. Overall a very successful day, although rather expensive as I'm now having to replace giant pants that fall down with ones that fit me properly!

Sunday was another beautiful day in West Yorkshire. We went on a walk up the massive hill into the next village for some lunch (about 3/4 of a mile away), and then to see my sister's new house. Also managed to avoid too much "rubbish" food at hers too as her other half is built like a twig even though he's a human dustbin! No idea where he puts it all!!!

Right off to check on Mr B, he's been very quiet for a while. He's probably gone to sleep!
Lex xx

Thursday, 8 April 2010


As the title suggests, today I am feeling extremely bloated with a side of yuckiness (yes it is a word!)! I am still feeling a bit delicate from the upset stomach, and have just discovered that my time of the month has decided to make an unannounced visit. How very rude! I am finding it hard to fit the gym in this week, they have strange opening hours due to the bank holidays plus I have quite a manic week this week.

Visited the parents last night and ended up grabbing McDonald's for tea as something quick after spending an hour at the emergency doctors with mum. To say where we went, I ate chicken selects which I have found the calories for and pointed them, and they don't work out as bad as I thought. I have eaten them before as they tend to have to cook them fresh for you so they are the only thing except the face melting apple pies that come to you red hot! Novelty in the establishment or what?!

I had a good giggle last night too. Mr B has had the bright idea of ordering our big shop online, which worked perfectly last time we did it. This time started off OK too, everything was in stock and delivery was confirmed for last night (he moaned because he'd after put it all away as I was out), all sorted. It turned up and the driver was rushing about apparently, Mr B spotted a pack of nappies in our shopping and managed to give them back to the driver and thought no more of it until he was emptying the bags... We have 4 bags that aren't our shopping, these mainly include baby wipes and nappy bags! We don't even have kids! Mr B was not a happy bunny I can tell you, throw into the mix some rotten veg and you can only imagine the email that was written to customer services!

I'm off out with the girls tonight, really looking forward to it too. It doesn't happen very often as the majority work shifts so it takes military precision to organise. The pub that we are going to is a Vintage Inn, so lots of choice too.

The computer on my desk at work has finally died a death, so this post has taken me hours to write. Although saying that it has given me chance to get out in the gorgeous sunshine and wear my amazing rock star sunglasses!

Enjoy the sunshine!
Lex xx

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Easter Without Chocolate...

Well first things first, I have finally managed to get off the "stay the same" wagon and lose 5.5lb! I am very excited about it but am now nervous that it might have been a blip and will whack it all back on for my WI on Monday. I have my fingers crossed that I won't. I really worked hard last week and am so glad to see the back of the 2 weeks that I stayed the same. I have been eating really well again and am still making an effort to keep moving and earning activity points on my WW pedometer.

Friday night was lovely, just me and Mr B, plus the entire population of Sout Yorkshire under one roof in Meadow Hall shopping centre!!! It was the most busy I have ever seen it and then it cleared at tea time as everyone thought it was closing early. That part was bliss! I needed to get re measured for bras as mine very feeling less than suportive. I tried La Senza but as I am quite *ahem* lets say blessed in that area, the very rude shop lady with too much make up and perfume told me that me and my giant bazoomas were not welcome! Off I trooted to M&S where it took at least an hour to get seen, even Mr B got fed up of wandering around looking at TV's and thats his favourite thing to do! I now know that I have gone from an E to a D which is quite a lot really, and a bit of a novelty as I've never lost weight from my chest before. The lady who did the measuring did make me giggle. She was a lovely older lady that reminded me of one of my great aunts, who then proceeded to tell me to "jiggle and wiggle" them into position!! She was ace! Once sorted we celebrated my shrinking chest my having tea in a place called "Coal". Really didn't know what to have, but other half spotted what were called "fire sticks" on the menu. I had the chicken ones and they are amazing. It's a bit of a spectacle to see to be honest, firstly you get a metal stand on your table for the red hot skillet of veg, then theres the fire sticks which are your meat skewered onto what can only be described as thin swords, this is then put onto the skillet at your table (the meat/fish is already grilled). Mr B was green with envy at this point and tried making me swap him for his steak sandwich and chips! NO WAY JOSE!!

Saturday was mainly taken up by us visiting York with my youngest sister and Grandma. We had a lovely day of walking around in the sunshine with some lovely food and lots of laughter, just what we all needed I think. Although many people were laughing at my sister rather than with Isuspect, we definately were! In her infinate 15 year old wisdom, it had been raining at home so she wore her wellies. Now it was sunny in York but there were still puddles around so she was taking full advantage of this by screaming "PUDDLE" and running full pelt at it to jump in! Crazy girl, I din't know where she gets it from....

Sunday was the family meal at the Italian near our flat. It was a lovely afternoon even though I was feeling severley off it and barely ate much. The bread went down well though!

Well I'm now off to keep up my good work with the walking about as I need some more freah air.

More updates soon,
Lex xxx

Friday, 2 April 2010


I am going to make an effort to blog a bit more than I have been doing recently as I do actually find it therapeutic. Had a good week so far food wise, hoping I can keep this almost saintly behaviour ready for Monday's weigh in.

Confidence in my ability and in my looks has always been a major issue with me, as in I've never had any at all. I actually think I might have inherited this trait from my mum, as she has very similar issues. I have always hated the way I look no matter what weight I have been (even from a very young age), and I just kind of accepted that that is how I would always feel about myself. However, I have always tried to dress "nice" for want of a better way of putting it, and liked to do funky things with my hair. I like to look a little bit different as you can probably tell from my hair! There has now been some new developments in my confidence though, I now have some. I have found my self recently wearing stuff that I previously wouldn't have dared to, and not being as bothered about what other people may think or say. One of my close friends once commented a good while ago, on how she'd love to have the confidence to wear things the way that I do. I admitted that I actually worry about what to wear in certain situations, and that day I had changed my top no less than 6 times before I left the house. I was only going into York for a coffee!!! I'm not sure if this is a confidence issue, or an indecisiveness issue. I'm probably just crazy....

This boost in confidence has pushed me even more into pursuing a career as a teacher. I have always wanted to do it, but after leaving uni I just got a job and got used to the regular money. I've got to the stage now where I think that if I don't do it now I never will. I have looked at various options and have decided to just do it and be a student again. Mr B says that what ever I decide to do, he will support me. A friend has recently started the course and loves it, and knowing their personality I know that if they can do it, I definitely can!

The atmosphere at work at the moment is not great, which is definitely pushing me even more. The stress and the pressure in a job I don't even like have helped me make up my mind on this one!

The gym is really helping me to de-stress at the moment, and I actually felt the "natural high" after exercise the other day. Now this was something new as I've never experienced this before at all. The characters at the gym do distract me from my work out though as I'm a naturally nosey person.

We have yet another busy weekend ahead of us again. We are off to York tomorrow with my youngest sister and my Grandma. They are then staying over Saturday night. Mr B has promised me a present from one of my favourite shops instead of an Easter egg! Can't say fairer than that I don't think! Not sure what the plan is food wise yet though, a late lunch in one of our favourite places will put us on until Sunday I think!

Sunday is the family meal at the Italian around the corner from us. I say family but my middle sister is moving on Sunday so she and her boyfriend aren't coming. Just means there's more garlic bread to go around! Not sure what to eat there, although I do have lots of points left so I might treat myself.

Getting excited as Mr B is picking me up from work soon and we are going on a very exciting trip to get a cable for his computer hahahahaha. Although whilst we are in the shopping centre I think I'll try and get measured up for a bra seen as my other favourite now has to go in the bin!

Lex xx