I am starting this blog to help to motivate myself even more on this weight loss journey. I started just after Christmas 2009 and I know it will be a long journey but one I lknow will be worth it in the end. This has been a long time coming....

Monday, 28 June 2010

Can Someone Show Me The Nearest Shady Spot Please...

I'm boiling!!!!! I'm not complaining too much mind you as Paul the weather man has said it might change at the weekend! My ginger freckley ness can't take too much more of this!!

We had a great weekend, which ended with me and my youngest sis running the race for life yesterday. It was far too hot, but we still managed to run some of it and finished 3 minutes earlier than last year. This year there was just one massive race instead of the usual two they do on one day, it was mega busy and took us 10 minutes to get to the start line!

Not much to report on the points side of things really, I earnt 12 activity points yesterday and went to the gym today and got myself 5 there too. Quite getting into this activity lark!

Lex xxx

Thursday, 24 June 2010

3 Stones 1 lb all gone!!!!!!

Well boys and girls, as the title suggests as of WI last night, 3.5 lbs lost last week means that I have now officially lost 3 stone 1 lb since Christmas!!!! Hell yeah!!!!

I had made it my own little mini goal when I got to 2 and a half gone, that I would try and be at 3 stones off before the wedding we're going to at the beginning of July. So I've done it with a weigh in to go! Feeling very proud today.

I really enjoyed the meeting again last night, and now have the shopping and eating out guides that are up to date which is great news! Last night's meeting was all about achievement and picturing our selves at goal weight. Has any one tried the photo tool on the website? Not sure I want to try it to be honest.

Even though I have now lost this much weight, I sometimes feel like I haven't come very far at all in the grand scheme of things, yet other days I feel amazing and like I really can do this. Luckily I'm having one of those day's today, spurred on by the loss last night I think.

Not much to report from the last few days. Decided to knuckle down with my crafts whilst I'm off work, and went to the craft class back home with Mum and Grandma yesterday afternoon. It's such a laugh, although you wouldn't think it with Mum being the youngest there at 51, and the oldest being 94! The rude jokes that get told there are enough to make any one blush!!! Frail old ladies they most certainly aren't! It's great! Also been to the gym but that's boring compared to the rude jokes told by Rose!

Mr B is working from home this afternoon and getting under my feet whist doing so. He's qued up like a plonker for the new Iphone in two different places and now has his coveted new toy. So now he's messing around with that so I'm off out for a walk.

Off to Meadowhall later for essential supplies and a general mooch round. Mr B has promised me tea out tonight too which I'm looking forward to. Think it might be the "Handmade Burger Company" tonight, I have chicken skewers which is just proper chicken breast and salad. We then share chips and onion rings, so half the points! Awesome!

Right he really is doing my head in now, I'm off! If you see on the news tonight that a 35 year old bloke was murdered near Huddersfield, it wasn't me honest!!!

Lex xxx

Monday, 21 June 2010

It's Monday

Firstly I would just like to say thank you for all the compliments on my hair, and for the advice on the maxi dress. They cheered me up and made me smile like the nut case that I am! I even wore the dress out yesterday for Father's day, papsicles (dad) said I was looking lovely which also made me smile.

I was brave on Friday and went to the doctors about the depression and anxiety that I've been suffering on and off with for the last 18 months. I was determined not to go straight on to medication and he honoured my decision and said we'll see how I get on. So as of Wednesday I've signed myself off work, and back off to the doctors on Friday to see how long he says to have off. Feels a little bit weird now I've finally admitted that I need to get help, but I know it's a step in the right direction.

The weekend was great, but Skegness was freezing!!! We had the heating on in the van and had to get up and put it back on in the middle of the night! Mr B is convinced we're turning into an old couple, this was confirmed when we shared a shandy!! Dear lord I'm only 25!!!!

We did lots of walking and enjoyed lunch both days in the cafe we've found that does lovely proper lattes (I'd tell you where it is but I'd have to kill you!) and the scrummyest prawn salad bowls I've tasted so far.

The rain on Saturday held off long enough for us to just get sat down inside before it was bouncing off the floor, all three of us were very grateful I can tell you! This however cost me and Mr B about a fiver in change for the slots and for a milkshake that if Harriet had have put down, I would have gulped down like you wouldn't believe. There's one of those trendy milkshake bars opened up that do all sorts of weird and wonderful flavours, so Saturday's was minstrels and she NEEDED one yesterday to come home with that was a whisper one. I had the tinyest taste of both and both were gorgeous. There's at least 4 scoops of ice cream in each one though so imagine the points values!!!!

I'm still slightly stuffed from the yummy Indian we had for tea to celebrate Dad's day yesterday. It was delicious and even more so as we've not had an Indian restaurant meal for ages! The veg balti that I had looked nicer than everyone else food at our table by far, even Dad was looking a bit envious it has to be said.

Well I'm now weighing in on a Wednesday at my local meeting as I'm now a monthly pass member, so no news there. Points wise I've saved a few so far, I went over yesterday but I'd got plenty saved so I'm not too fussed about that. Still no ideas for the one week only thing...

I keep trying to add pictures into my posts but the stupid thing won't let me, so I'm sorry for the boring pictureless posts that are here at the mo

Lex xxx

Friday, 18 June 2010

New Hair!

As promised, here are two quite rubbish pictures of my newly chopped hair. I remembered to take them at work this morning, so please don't think that I have office chairs and a disabled refuge phone in my front room!!!

Yesterday was a day of treats for me. I bought a maxi dress type jobbie from Asda to try out as I'm not sure I'm tall enough or slim enough to carry it off. I then got some lovely spangly flip flops, had my hair cut where I actually managed to almost get my hairdressers undivided attention yesterday, which was a bonus. Then I and had a McDonald's for tea. I stuck to the chicken selects and had 3 instead of 5, and I still came in with half a point to spare with 4.5 activity points as a nice little bonus.

So not a very exciting night by any stretch of the imagination, unlike the mad dash that will be this evening. We have Mr B's parent's caravan at Skegness for the weekend so I have to get home, pack, go to the Dr's then drive to mum's to get my little sis as she is tagging along. Plus then we have the actual drive there which takes forever!! If any of you have been to Skeg you know how long and frustrating a drive it is, for those of you that haven't it's a nightmare!!! It's all lovely country roads and tight bends at national speed limit but people insisting on going 35 because its safer. Then if you're lucky you might get half a dozen tractors thrown in for good measure. It's a very relaxing drive I can assure you.......

So after all that we're back on Sunday for fathers day for an Indian, so that means I need to be even more good with the points saving this weekend!

Lex xxx

Thursday, 17 June 2010

All Change....

Last night went really really well! I attended the meeting which is actually about a two minute walk from us, and I enjoyed it so much that after the meeting I came home and changed my subscription to the monthly pass instead of just online.

I was a bit nervous before setting off, Mr B was marveling at how many nervous wee trips I had to make before I went!!!! Sorry , too much info I know! I really didn't know what to expect but thanks to the WW message boards and Lozzie's advice, I was a bit more prepared. Although I needn't have worried as every one was so lovely. The ladies checking every one in were a bit flummoxed by me appearing though, but bless them they found a free meeting voucher for me so I "wasn't wasting my money" if I didn't like it. They were fantastic, and the leader Jayne is brilliant too! My kind of girl! She made me feel so welcome and was interested in how far Ive come already, I felt like I'd been going for years.

Jayne weighed me, and since my own weigh in on Monday I have lost half a pound, hope I can shift the other half in the rest of the week. I've updated this on my online tracker and have changed my weigh in day to Wednesdays, so even if I can't make a meeting I can WI at home as normal.

The topic this week was smarter cooking choices and the changes we have made since starting WW. I know that my attitude has changed to food, I never used to know when I was full and my portions were terrible. Whereas I think so far these two things are getting better, although I know that I can make them even better if I keep trying.

There was a bit of a talk about oil too. I have to agree with what one lady said about using things like the fry lite stuff. I would rather use up more points with "real" oil, than use a chemical oil substitute. I'm seriously considering using the money off voucher and buying the oil sprayer in next week's meeting. We were also given the task of doing something "for one week only..." I have no idea what to do! Some ladies were giving up wine, others chocolate, but I have no clue! Any ideas for me???

I bought some rich toffee bars and roasted peanut bars to try as a bit of a treat last night, I really like the toffee ones and Mr B has given the peanut one his seal of approval! Let's see how long they stay in the cupboard before a certain boyfriend decides to scoff them all...

So with all the excitement of that, plus going to the gym straight from work, I was cream crakered and more than ready for my tea.

So that's my exciting evening for you, off for my hair cutting later so I'll get a decent pic of what that looks like when I've done.

Toodle pip
Lex xxx

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Off To A Meeting!

Well boys and girls it Wednesday already, although I have had the misfortune of thinking it's actually Thursday on a couple of occasions today. Most upsetting when you find out there's two more days of the working week left instead of one!!!

So far another good day on plan which is great. I have re-discovered ryvita's too! Not a very exciting snack but I can recommend the sweet onion ones as a quick 0.5 point snack per slice.

Got a busy night ahead of me tonight. Off to the gym and then to my first ever WW meeting! I've been following the plan online and have decided that I would like to visit my local meeting to see about making the switch from purely online to being a monthly pass user. Really looking forward to going tonight.

Does anyone have any hints or tips, or even any info they can tell me about going to meetings? Does anyone do the monthly pass option?

I'd be mostist grateful of your helpfulness my lovelies

Lex xxx

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Mmmmmmm Cake!

Well what can I say, the black forest gateau was a success. So much so that the ever so macho birthday boy had tears in his eyes! After much baking, whisking and grating of chocolate (and knuckles!) here is my master piece:

Glad to say the party went OK for my sister, our family meeting his for the first time. Was a little bit odd but as long as Kheira's OK that's all that matters to us lot.

I did brill with points all week until Saturday. I managed to point everything and am ashamed to say that I came in 10 points over, I did have a fair few banked though. But put this together with the fact I had two big meals on Sunday (came in dead on points) and not enough water to drink and you end up with a STS as I have this week. At least I know where I have gone wrong and how I can try and help my body this week.

So, as I just said, I stayed the same this week but at least it wasn't a gain. I kicked off the week with a long session in the gym and I really enjoyed it. I ended up not going at all last week, and I did a few sessions on the wii fit. As much as I like the wii fit, I think for the time being, going to the gym and feeling like I'm having a "proper" work out is working for me. So the wii will just be an added bonus I think!

Seen as I'm at work, I'm off to put my glasses on and walk around with a note pad. This makes me look busy even though I'd rather be on here reading blogs! Thursday is hair cut o'clock so trying to decide how to have it done. Part of me likes it short where as part of me would like to grow it a bit! Help please!!!!

Lex xxx

Friday, 11 June 2010

Operation Black Forest Gateau

It's the weekend dearest readers, thank god for that! Although tonight's mission has been to attempt to make a black forest gateau for my sister's boyfriend. It's his birthday on Sunday but the party is tomorrow night, and he made me promise to have a go at making one for him as it's his favourite. So far so good. The cake bit is made and is now in three slices soaking up cherry syrup. It's a very sickly smell! The cream and cherries are being added tomorrow before we go down, fingers crossed it'll travel OK!! Really looking forward to seeing everyone too.

I've been a busy girl tonight, also made savoury scones from the WW mag and quiche ready for tomorrow! Think I deserve a sit down now.....

Tonight's tea has been the Turkey Keema Curry from this month's Weight Watcher's mag. I used balti paste instead of the korma paste as we like a little bit of spice in our curries. It was a big hit! Very very scrummy in my tummy! I made the breaded pork things with the wedges on Thursday night and they were yummy too. Points and activity points have done well this week, I'm now sat relaxing with a gin and slimline tonic and a cadbury's fudge. It feels great!

Right I'm off to try and make a start at looking slightly glamorous before tomorrow, I may be some time......

Have a great weekend what ever you get up to
Lex xxx

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Halfway To The Weekend

So far so good over the last two days. I logged on Monday night to discover I'd lost enough weight to drop a point and I'm now on 24. Monday and Tuesday were fine points wise as I was at home and had planned what to have, however tonight is a different matter. We're off to Mum's later and we're going to the pub for our tea. It is a chain pub so they do offer healthier options but it's been a while since I last went and can't remember what's on there, plus the Internet is rubbish and won't let me look at work. I'm surprised I can do this on my breaks to be honest!

I have been catching up on a few blogs over the past few days and wanted to share a few of my aims whilst on this Weight Watchers journey. I hope you don't mind, but here are a few things I want to achieve and aim for in the long and short term:
  • To cook at least one thing out of the WW magazine or from the website that we haven't tried before every few weeks. Still slightly stuck in that rut of being stuck what to cook.
  • To fit into a pair of size 14 maybe even size 12 jeans. I am hourglass shaped under all this and I know I am!
  • To look in the mirror and not despise what I see
  • To have a picture taken of me and not rip every little detail/imperfection to shreds.
  • To accept help from others

There's just a few as I don't want to go on. I'm going to keep these in mind when I have a rubbish day and see if they help at all.

On another note today, I'm feeling very chuffed with myself for wearing a top from H&M that looks very nice even if I do say so myself! I bit the bullet this morning as I thought it was very clingy on me, but it's because I'm so used to hiding away under baggy saggy clothes. I even got a compliment from my boss too!

Hope every one is having a good week, half way to the weekend now! Wooooo!

Lex xxx

Monday, 7 June 2010

Was That The Weekend That Just Whizzed Past...

Hope everyone had a good weekend, mine was packed full to bursting with so much stuff happening that I don't think I've had one at all!

I weighed in this morning and have lost 3 lb this week, taking me to 15 st 9 lb. That's 3 lb off my little mini goal of losing 3 stone before we go to the wedding on the 4th of July. So there's three more WI's and essentially four weeks to get it shifted. I just hope that my body behaves these next couple of weeks!

Tea at Frankie and Benny's on Friday night was lovely. It was nice to see Mr B's mum so relaxed for a change! Come in just on points which was good too, really enjoyed my salmon fishcakes. The one at Selby is very nice and relaxed and never too busy, plus you can normally hear the other people at the table with you instead of being drowned out by the music!

Saturday was AMAZING! The team on the trailtrekker did brilliantly. They managed to just finish within the 30 hours, with three team members out of the four of them finishing. Our job as the support crew was to make sure they were fed and watered and were generally OK before setting off on the next leg of the journey. This is only second year of this event and the first for all of us lot so we were very unsure what to expect. We also thought we weren't equipped enough, but some of the support crew pretty much had nothing which made us feel better but a bit sad for their team mates!

There was quite a wait in between the check points so Mr B and I took off and explored Settle for a while and ventured to "The Naked Man Cafe" for some lunch. I struggled to find a healthier option, whereas the other half decided on a sausage sandwich. I had to laugh when lunch arrived and he got Jacket potato envy!!! Serves him right is all I can say! After a long hard day being supportive, Nando's was just the thing to end a lovely day.

We did aim to get up Sunday morning to watch them finish but we were trapped in the village due to a Triathlon that no one seemed to know about!! We stupidly decided to venture to IKEA to get a TV stand. A wet Sunday, a full to bursting shop and screaming children do not make for a nice day out. We gave up after having two coffees in the cafe and buying some tea lights, and we only really got those to use the new self scan tills! Cue earning a few activity points dodging abandoned trolleys and people walking the wrong way around the shop (don't the know the unspoken law of IKEA!).

This week I am going to try my hardest for a loss again. I'm at the gym straight from work, tea is all organised and ready to go so that's all pointed. I'm only going to be able to get to the gym once this week I think, I'm going to try and get a few Wii fit or just dance sessions in too to try and boost it. Does any one have any ideas to help me?

Lex xxx

Friday, 4 June 2010

Hair Raising!

We have gorgeous weather once again here today, do not want to be at work at all! I really think there should be a law passed against working on beautiful days. Let's face it, who knows how long it will last and if we'll see any more sunny weather for a while!

Had two good days points wise and that's including a non-planned meal out with Mum last night. I've also gained a fair few activity points on the WW pedometer this week too. I know a few people aren't keen on them but I love mine and try and I wear it every day (outfit permitting!). I'm also just finishing off the last portion of my first batch of Butternut squash soup, it's very tasty, zero points and very filling! I'm dead chuffed with myself.

Wednesday night's plan of wii fit was put to the way side as I decided that my hair was in desperate need of some fresh colour, as my wonderful sister pointed out "Lex you're gingerness is escaping!". I thought it was time for a change seen as I've had it pretty much black and red for 18 months now. My poor hair will hate me as I had to strip it of all colour which was scary and very light coloured, then put this nice red colour over the top. Unfortunately Mr B came home early and caught me with the strange yellow/light hair and told me in a very sarky way that I looked "pretty". Hmmmmmmm. Any way, after what seemed like forever I now have a head full of dark red locks, phew!

I went straight down to the parentals from work on Thursday, and for once all three of us girls were in the same place at the same time. Me and my middle sister don't see each other as often as we would like as she works shifts as a carer. Every one says that we all look alike, what do you think:

From left to right is Kheira, Harriet and Me.

I took advantage of the sale in Sainsbury's last night and bought myself a couple of tops, a skirt and some shorts. I'm very impressed that I'm now in smaller sizes as I don't see any difference in my size and shape when I look in the mirror.

I have also made the effort to start recording my measurement at the beginning of the month. I've not done this before and got all inspired to do so whilst reading a blog the other day. I've promised myself I'll do this on the 1st of every month so I can see how I'm doing. I'll keep you posted!

Mr B and I have a long day tomorrow being part of a support team for a friends charity walk. We're part of the early shift so we have to make sandwiches etc for when they arrive at the check point and have spare gear for them in the car. They aim to do 60 miles in 30 hours! I hope the weather is not too hot for them like wise I hope it's not too wet! It's taking place near Skipton so I'm looking forward to all the beautiful scenery.

Lex xxx

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Little Miss Organised

I'm a bit of a bore with this, as my family and friends will all tell you, I love being organised. So much so that Mr B thinks I'm a little obsessed and calls me "Monica" from Friends. I just cant help myself! It makes like flow better and makes things (in theory) a lot easier. It's one of the skills I already had that is really helping me on this WW journey.

I love all the weighing out of stuff and the planning. That's not to say I find it easy mind you! Although I do love my routine on an evening of getting lunch ready and getting bits and bobs sorted so I can leave our lovely flat as late as possible on the morning!

I went to Meadowhall shopping centre after work last night to meet my best friend Sally. After reading one of Lou's Lush reviews on her blog http://sprinkleofglitter.blogspot.com/ I decided to treat my tired little tootsies to some foot cream. I totally agree with Lou on this one, thank you!!! In honour of Lou I also managed to get a few samples which cheered up my afternoon. Guess which divvy forgot it was half term until all she could see was a sea of small children, ME!

I honestly think that the whole of South Yorkshire was in Meadow hell yesterday, it was tres busy. It did do some good as I didn't spend loads as I couldn't be bothered to que up! I very much enjoyed my treat of a skinny latte in bucks of the star, and I must say that the people watching was fantastic. It's my all time favourite sport hahahaha. I was duly rewarded for my noseying capabilities by seeing a fair few people wearing this season's fashions all in one go! I ask you! It's a good job I was sat for a while otherwise I might have missed it all! Here's me enjoying my coffee and writing notes for my blog.

Tea was a real treat last night. We decided on La Tasca as Sal had never been before and they had an offer on. I tried to order as sensibly as I could, plus we halved everything any way so we shall see on Mondays WI if I can claw it back for this week.

All the wandering around did earn me 6 activity points though which was quite surprising! AWESOME!

Lex xxx

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Wii Fit Ahoy!

Mr B and I have been looking into buying a wii fit board for a while now. We already have the wii and I'm getting more and more into the just dance game so we thought that the board would be a decent-ish investment. We have been looking around for some cheaper prices and Mr B happened to mention it to his parentals. Long story short they've said we could long term borrow his younger sister's seen as shes only used it a couple of times in the two years she's had it! Bonus! Thank you very much Mr B for having such lovely kind parents.

Had a great session in the gym last night, I managed to push myself a little bit further than I normally would as I knew I didn't need to rush around at home when we got back (even though I did!). I did get a little put off by the bloke doing rather rude style heavy breathing on some of the weights, even my ipod didn't drown him out!! Seriously, what is wrong with these people?? I push myself and I find it tough, but do I feel the need to make it sound like I'm bonking the machine??? NO and neither should you Mr sweaty weight lifter dude! So please be quiet!

Had a very good day points wise due to left over quorn chilli and then quorn pieces in stir fry for tea. We've not suddenly turned veggie it's just that the quorn mince was in an offer, think it was 3 for £5 so Mr B in his infinite wisdom decided we'd have lots of quorn. I thought tea was nice, but guess who left theirs because he couldn't get past the fact it wasn't chicken?!

Lex xx