I am starting this blog to help to motivate myself even more on this weight loss journey. I started just after Christmas 2009 and I know it will be a long journey but one I lknow will be worth it in the end. This has been a long time coming....

Thursday, 17 June 2010

All Change....

Last night went really really well! I attended the meeting which is actually about a two minute walk from us, and I enjoyed it so much that after the meeting I came home and changed my subscription to the monthly pass instead of just online.

I was a bit nervous before setting off, Mr B was marveling at how many nervous wee trips I had to make before I went!!!! Sorry , too much info I know! I really didn't know what to expect but thanks to the WW message boards and Lozzie's advice, I was a bit more prepared. Although I needn't have worried as every one was so lovely. The ladies checking every one in were a bit flummoxed by me appearing though, but bless them they found a free meeting voucher for me so I "wasn't wasting my money" if I didn't like it. They were fantastic, and the leader Jayne is brilliant too! My kind of girl! She made me feel so welcome and was interested in how far Ive come already, I felt like I'd been going for years.

Jayne weighed me, and since my own weigh in on Monday I have lost half a pound, hope I can shift the other half in the rest of the week. I've updated this on my online tracker and have changed my weigh in day to Wednesdays, so even if I can't make a meeting I can WI at home as normal.

The topic this week was smarter cooking choices and the changes we have made since starting WW. I know that my attitude has changed to food, I never used to know when I was full and my portions were terrible. Whereas I think so far these two things are getting better, although I know that I can make them even better if I keep trying.

There was a bit of a talk about oil too. I have to agree with what one lady said about using things like the fry lite stuff. I would rather use up more points with "real" oil, than use a chemical oil substitute. I'm seriously considering using the money off voucher and buying the oil sprayer in next week's meeting. We were also given the task of doing something "for one week only..." I have no idea what to do! Some ladies were giving up wine, others chocolate, but I have no clue! Any ideas for me???

I bought some rich toffee bars and roasted peanut bars to try as a bit of a treat last night, I really like the toffee ones and Mr B has given the peanut one his seal of approval! Let's see how long they stay in the cupboard before a certain boyfriend decides to scoff them all...

So with all the excitement of that, plus going to the gym straight from work, I was cream crakered and more than ready for my tea.

So that's my exciting evening for you, off for my hair cutting later so I'll get a decent pic of what that looks like when I've done.

Toodle pip
Lex xxx


  1. I'm glad you liked your class, I am thinking of changing mine as I go during work so never stay for the meetings, I think I need some motivation!

    I have the oil sprayer and it's fab - definitely worth investing in.


  2. Hold tight on your oil sprayer bubs, normally when your monthly pass comes through it comes with a little booklet. Normally in the back there's 3 or 4 money off vouchers. I only paid a fiver for mine using one of those and agree with Linz it's great!

    Well done on your 1/2lb too!

    Lozzie xx