I am starting this blog to help to motivate myself even more on this weight loss journey. I started just after Christmas 2009 and I know it will be a long journey but one I lknow will be worth it in the end. This has been a long time coming....

Sunday, 25 July 2010

A Step In The Right Direction...

Bonjour my lovelies, I hope you are all well. I am back into blogging mode which I hope will keep me as sane as possible during the very very imminent house move!!!
I really can't believe how fast we've got to this stage, we get the keys on Friday!!!! The moving van comes a week on Tuesday and we have packed a grand total of zero, zilch, no boxes! AWESOME!!! To be honest I really don't know where to start with the packing, hence the putting it off lol. I'm sure I'll start tomorrow unless I get distracted again.
I think that I am finally on my way to getting my head less mushy, a big break through has been me starting to pick up my crafts again. I'm a huge fan of knitting, crocheting and sewing and I've re-discovered my passion these past few weeks after visiting a craft fair. The ridiculous prices have spurred me, mum and Grandma to start doing them next year, so any advice would be greatly appreciated pretty please....
Touch wood, the WW is still on track. I even weighed in at a meeting in Skegness whilst we had Mr B's parent's caravan for the week, how good am I??!! It did make me realise how lucky I am to have such a lovely leader though!!!

I will try to post again before we move, as Mr B is sorting out Internet and other important things where as I am in charge of making the house pretty lol.

These pictures are of things I have made in the last year, I thought I'd share them with you :)

Lex xxx

Saturday, 10 July 2010

I'm Still Here, Honest!

Hi everyone, sorry for being a very very rubbish blogger of late! Lots of life happening and not much time to actually sit down and keep in touch, although I will make more of an effort. Hope every one is doing ok, I need to catch up with all your blogs!

I have been going to my local WW meeting as I said I was going to start doing, and I'm still loving it. I have now lost 46 lbs, which is 3 stone 4 lbs!!! I never thought that I would achieve this so soon when I started at Christmas.

Lots of stuff happening at the mo in Lex land, weddings to attend, holidays to start packing for and the flat to pack up!! Mr B and I will be the proud owners of our very own house at the end of the month! It all feels scary and very grown up but in a lovely way if that makes sense!

Right I shall blog again soon I promise, I just need to gather my thoughts at the mo. I'm currently off work after having a slight melt down so my head really is just mush at the mo.

Lex xxx