I am starting this blog to help to motivate myself even more on this weight loss journey. I started just after Christmas 2009 and I know it will be a long journey but one I lknow will be worth it in the end. This has been a long time coming....

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Busy Busy Busy!

So much for posting on Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend and started the week as fresh as a daisy and raring to go, unlike my new trick of turning the alarm off and rolling over for a while longer...

Thank you for the lovely comments on the new layout of my blog, I thought it was time for a change. I love the slightly Cath Kidston vibe it has going on. I'm not great at IT so it's not exactly how I would like it but it's on it's way!

The last few days have been as far from WW friendly as you could ever imagine. Mr B and I have had to contend with hospital appointments, hospital visits, doctors appointments and fitting in both sets of parental units. Suffice to say that most pre-planned meals/ideas went careering out the window, let alone just flying out of it!

To be honest I've not been in the right kind of WW frame of mind either, which hasn't helped matters. I have tracked everything, but my heart really hasn't been in it. I'm sure my mojo will return with a vengeance at some point! Part of it may be due to some news I received the other day that may affect future plans big style, but more on that another day.

I Zumba'd my little heart out once more on Friday night. Our usual lady is still off and I would like her to come back soon please! The replacement lady is alright but she doesn't have the same kind of energy or enthusiasm and that's what I need to keep me distracted from clock watching. Plus I'm still not convinced that a country style or funk/soul style song is what Zumba is all about... What does everyone else think??

So after earning a fair few activity propoints Friday night, I earned some more wandering round York on Saturday and some more avoiding old ladies in town on Sunday! Surely these will go towards cancelling out the awesome hot chocolate that I had the other day. I was good and had it with skinny milk and no whipped cream even though I was very very very tempted!!

If you haven't checked out the beautiful Seren's page yet, you really should! She posts some scrummy gorgeous recipes such as the roast red pepper and chorizo risotto that is delicious. I made it for tea on Sunday night and Mr B scoffed his and then kept trying to convince me I was feeling full so he could finish mine off!!!! No Chance pal! Here is the link to Seren's blog http://thewwfoodie.blogspot.com/ I dare you not to feel hungry after reading the recipes!

Lex xxx

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Sausage Roll Saga

Distractions are everywhere. No matter who you are or how strong willed you are, there is something that is out there to get you. Once more boys and girls I am ashamed to say my calling today was for the worlds naffest sausage roll...

I had three bites and lobbed it, it was vile! It's a while since I last got the urge to visit the scary sandwich van lady to buy her lardy laden baked goods, but alas today I cracked. Forgive me WW for I have sinned... oh but now we have party points so lets see if they are worked out in mouth fulls instead of grams or ounces to calculate the damage.

I'm not usually easily distracted by things like this due to my very stubborn/bossy nature plus my ability to escape into "lex land" every so often. This was a favourite skill of mine when dealing with two younger arguing sisters when they were younger. I have also taken to removing myself if possible from what ever is happening that might make me However I do sometimes think that you have to listen to what you fancy other wise you might end up doing even more damage!

WI this week was another great result, a loss of 1.5lb. Taking me ever closer to the 6 stone mark!!! Yaaaay!!

Lex xxx

Monday, 17 January 2011

Going Bananas...

The wanderer has returned! Our Internet decided it didn't like us during my week off which is why I haven't had chance to get on and keep in touch with every one. Needless to say I have lots of reading to catch up on once Virgin decide to fix our Internet...

Today is my first day back in the office, and I can safely say it's like I've never been away, and not in a good way. I have done some serious thinking whilst I've been off and decided it's time to bust a move in some form or another! I'me sure everyone gets fed up in their jobs, but I have stuck it out for too long now and am in need of a change. It's time to be proactive rather than be a serial moaner, even though I know I am extremely lucky to have a job at all now a days.

As predicted, my week ended up being jam packed full of lots of little bits. Mr B is off poorly at the mo, and we barely spent any time together at all which was a shame, but I suppose we can't have it all seen as we had a fab weekend socialising and slobbing on the settee. I spent the week catching up with friends, eating cakes, going to the gym, meeting new babies, and doing lots of walking. Work seems like such a nice quiet place to be after writing that little lot down!

I am keeping up with the running in the gym, and I keep on doing my cheesiest grin when I've completed my 20 mins. I'm now on to 1 minute of walking and 3 of jogging, and I'm amazed that I can actually do it with out keeling over. Off for a gym session tonight too, as I'm trying to keep up the 3 times a week hing I had my heart set on. So far so good on that front too. Zumba class was run by a different lady this week. She has a very different style to our usual lady Libby, much more relaxed and a bit more like an aerobics class. I enjoy the dancing style that Libby does, and I didn't feel like I had as much of a work out as normal either. Fingers crossed that Libby comes back from her holiday sooner rather than later!

I went to Yong's house for tea on Tuesday and we were nattering about me becoming a leader and what I'll have to do, and I can honestly say I can't wait to get started now. I have just started learning how to be a clerk at our meeting now too, we had 12 more new starters on Wednesday, I know the numbers will dwindle eventually but it gave me an idea of what might happen this time next year for me at "My" meeting... It was nice to eat something different, we had quorn chilli. I really like quorn whereas Mr B can't stand the stuff, so I either just cook it for myself or don't bother!

Tuesday night also saw me discovering a new favourite pudding, bananas and custard. I know it sounds boring but it's so comforting and feels like a proper little kid desert and it only works out to 3pp per bowl. I use 1 or 2 small bananas and 1 small tub of ambrosia low fat ready to serve custard. Yummy yummy!!! Yong also introduced me to vanilla flavoured canderell sweetener. I've finally found some in Salisbury's on my lunch break today, and made myself what felt like a very luxurious coffee with one of those little babies in. I can highly recommend them!

Just like the awesome Starfish, I too have rediscovered my love for bananas. I still ate them on the old points plan, although I did tend to scoff the "kidsize" ones so they were only 1 point, I did have them most days too unlike many other bloggers who's posts I have read. I don't go over board with them, but I am enjoying being more creative if you will... The smoothie maker has been dusted off, some bananas have been frozen for a sweet treat, some just scoffed straight out of the skins. If any one has any ideas please let me know!

WI on Wednesday was a great result once more. I lost another 2 lb this week which is taking me ever closer to the 6 stone gone mark for the WI before Valentines day. 6lb to go in 4 more WIs. I'll give it my best shot but I won't give myself a hard time if it doesn't happen, at least I'll be closer to the end!

Well I'm sorry that this has been a bit of a mishmash of a post, I'd also left my little blog planning notebook at work so wasn't able to scribble things down. This weeks task is to become more organised!

Lex xxx

Friday, 7 January 2011

The Start Of A Well Earnt Rest...

I will probably regret writing that title at some point in the next week! As of 3pm this afternoon I am on holiday from work for a whole week!!!! Wooooo Hoooo! (Electra that one's for you ;) ). I have no doubt in my mind that I will end up planning things and being busy, but at least I won't be at work.

Firstly let's get onto the important topic of the post festiveness WI. I had a gain of 3lb before Christmas, and last night I had lost that plus 2 more lb's had melted away from somewhere too. An awesome result even if I do say so myself. So due to my 5lb loss, my weight is now at 13st exactly. I have set myself the mini goal of being at 6 stone gone by the WI before valentines day as we're going away and I will need to be comfortably in one of the pretty dressed I purchased in the sales. I was very pleased when I took my measurements the other day too. I have lost an inch from my waist and my bust in the last month too, plus some from my arms, thighs and calves. BONUS!!!

I'm feeling very positive and optimistic this week. I think being at WW and seeing all the new starters had made me get all excited and thinking that I'm going to be the one welcoming new starters soon hopefully...

I have been to the gym twice this week so far, and snow permitting, I shall be at Zumba class tonight. Stupid snow appeared from no where this morning round here, what's all that about?! Many lovely blogs recently have had posts about running, and they have inspired me to jump on the band wagon (or tread mill) and join in too. I have found a 5K training plan on the net and have started to follow this. I have been dabbling with running on the treadmill for a while now, so after reading through everything I have decided that seen as I have a brisk walk every day any way, I should start at Week 3. I managed a 20 min session the other day that was alternating between 1 min of walking and 2 mins of jogging, and I did it! The whole 20 mins, with out feeling too tired or anything! I did however get some strange looks with the amount of grinning that I was doing though...

I treat myself to some new gym clothes the other day too, I think this has also helped me to feel more confident in myself. My bright pink Nike running leggings are amazing even if I do say so myself...

Enjoy your weekend every one. Thank you for the comments from the lovely new ladies too, hope you like what you read enough to comment :)

Lex xxx

Monday, 3 January 2011

2011 Has Arrived!

Welcome to 2011 everyone! May it bring you all lots of love and happiness.

Once more I need to say a mahoooosive thank you to the girlie's that commented on my last post, one in particular made me cry (you know who you are!) in a nice way I might add! I love getting comments as I'm sure most people do too, it makes me feel like there are people actually being interested in my various ramblings. It's very nice so thank you very much!

We are now on the third day of the brand spanking new year, how is everyone coping with the dregs of food and drink left over from the festivities. I'm quite chuffed to say that our fridge is just about bare and the fruit bowl nearly empty thanks to my hopeful attempt at damage limitation due to the very scrummy curry on NYE and a party at a friends house last night. My friend Linda is an amazing cook and last night was no exception! Anyone for venison or gammon that literally falls apart as it's so tender? Or a mushroom stuffed with pate and then baked? No? More for me then....

It wasn't too bad though as it was a buffet and she'd done a huge bowl of salad and various bits of carrots and peppers so I mainly picked at those although it would have been rude not to indulge a little bit! I was soooo looking forward to some trifle too, but the little kids that were there scoffed the lot! How very rude! There's always next year I suppose.....

I've been reading a fair few of your lovely blogs and everyone's different resolutions for 2011. So here are my goals/resolutions/things to do in 2011:
  • Get to goal! This HAS to be top of my list for this year for obvious reasons. I've come this far and I KNOW I can do it. I feel a million times better than this time last year, so I need to carry on and not revive those bad habits that got me here in the first place. Although they did help me find all you lovely people which is very nice :)
  • Become a WW Leader. After only switching to monthly pass at the end of June, I now love my meetings and wouldn't go back to just being online unless I had to for some unknown reason. I love the friendships that I have made and the support we all get from each other and from Yong. Everyone I have spoken to about becoming a leader thinks that I have the right personality to do it and to enjoy it too. So watch this space...
  • Up The Gym Visits. I really want to push myself to go to the gym three times a week at least. I do enjoy going but I want to try to include different things in my workouts now, and try some different classes. Can anyone recommend any?? Off to get some smaller gym clothes in the sale after work tonight to encourage me.
  • Visit America. We both want to go and visit our friends over in California as we don't want it to be another 2 years before we see them again. So far we're hoping to go out around November/December time this year. That sounds quite scary on reading it back, we've only just finished December!
  • Spend More Time With Friends. We all have different things going on in our lives, but we need to make the effort to spend time with each other this year and not just have snatched phone calls or texts!
  • Say "No" More Often. This is one that I really need to work on! I need to become more selfish with my time in regards to work, pleasing people and helping people out. I don't want that to come across in a bad way as I really don't mean it like that. I have spent all my life doing the "right" thing and wanting to please as many people as I can all at once, sometimes to the detriment of relationships and friendships. This then leads to massive guilt trips on my part wondering if the person who, in my head, I have let down will ever forgive me or will hold it against me. Whereas in reality they've probably just got on with what ever was happening anyway. I have started saying no to my family more often too which I found so so hard, and is not getting easier as of yet but I'm hoping it will.
  • Save More Money. Simple, just don't spend it on things I don't NEED. I might think I need yet another handbag or some more shoes, but in reality I really really don't! That money can be saved up ready for America or just be saved!

Right I shall leave it there seen as I've probably bored you all to death with this post!

Lex xxx