I am starting this blog to help to motivate myself even more on this weight loss journey. I started just after Christmas 2009 and I know it will be a long journey but one I lknow will be worth it in the end. This has been a long time coming....

Monday, 17 January 2011

Going Bananas...

The wanderer has returned! Our Internet decided it didn't like us during my week off which is why I haven't had chance to get on and keep in touch with every one. Needless to say I have lots of reading to catch up on once Virgin decide to fix our Internet...

Today is my first day back in the office, and I can safely say it's like I've never been away, and not in a good way. I have done some serious thinking whilst I've been off and decided it's time to bust a move in some form or another! I'me sure everyone gets fed up in their jobs, but I have stuck it out for too long now and am in need of a change. It's time to be proactive rather than be a serial moaner, even though I know I am extremely lucky to have a job at all now a days.

As predicted, my week ended up being jam packed full of lots of little bits. Mr B is off poorly at the mo, and we barely spent any time together at all which was a shame, but I suppose we can't have it all seen as we had a fab weekend socialising and slobbing on the settee. I spent the week catching up with friends, eating cakes, going to the gym, meeting new babies, and doing lots of walking. Work seems like such a nice quiet place to be after writing that little lot down!

I am keeping up with the running in the gym, and I keep on doing my cheesiest grin when I've completed my 20 mins. I'm now on to 1 minute of walking and 3 of jogging, and I'm amazed that I can actually do it with out keeling over. Off for a gym session tonight too, as I'm trying to keep up the 3 times a week hing I had my heart set on. So far so good on that front too. Zumba class was run by a different lady this week. She has a very different style to our usual lady Libby, much more relaxed and a bit more like an aerobics class. I enjoy the dancing style that Libby does, and I didn't feel like I had as much of a work out as normal either. Fingers crossed that Libby comes back from her holiday sooner rather than later!

I went to Yong's house for tea on Tuesday and we were nattering about me becoming a leader and what I'll have to do, and I can honestly say I can't wait to get started now. I have just started learning how to be a clerk at our meeting now too, we had 12 more new starters on Wednesday, I know the numbers will dwindle eventually but it gave me an idea of what might happen this time next year for me at "My" meeting... It was nice to eat something different, we had quorn chilli. I really like quorn whereas Mr B can't stand the stuff, so I either just cook it for myself or don't bother!

Tuesday night also saw me discovering a new favourite pudding, bananas and custard. I know it sounds boring but it's so comforting and feels like a proper little kid desert and it only works out to 3pp per bowl. I use 1 or 2 small bananas and 1 small tub of ambrosia low fat ready to serve custard. Yummy yummy!!! Yong also introduced me to vanilla flavoured canderell sweetener. I've finally found some in Salisbury's on my lunch break today, and made myself what felt like a very luxurious coffee with one of those little babies in. I can highly recommend them!

Just like the awesome Starfish, I too have rediscovered my love for bananas. I still ate them on the old points plan, although I did tend to scoff the "kidsize" ones so they were only 1 point, I did have them most days too unlike many other bloggers who's posts I have read. I don't go over board with them, but I am enjoying being more creative if you will... The smoothie maker has been dusted off, some bananas have been frozen for a sweet treat, some just scoffed straight out of the skins. If any one has any ideas please let me know!

WI on Wednesday was a great result once more. I lost another 2 lb this week which is taking me ever closer to the 6 stone gone mark for the WI before Valentines day. 6lb to go in 4 more WIs. I'll give it my best shot but I won't give myself a hard time if it doesn't happen, at least I'll be closer to the end!

Well I'm sorry that this has been a bit of a mishmash of a post, I'd also left my little blog planning notebook at work so wasn't able to scribble things down. This weeks task is to become more organised!

Lex xxx


  1. You would make a fantastic leader.

    I'm glad your back now as I was beginning to miss your posts. Love the new lay out by the way :)

    only 6lb to go?! That's amazing. I'm super excited for you!


  2. You're doing so well! Keep it up xxx

  3. Hee hee - I got a mention :o) I totally love bananas and custard too - in fact, I eat exactly the same combo with the Ambrosia - love it! Frozen bananas though? Does that work? Do you peel them first???

    I've got my smoothie maker too - I've bought a new bag of frozen fruit to stash in the freezer, but haven't actually got round to making any yet. If you like vanilla flavour stuff though, I've recently discovered Alpro Soy milk (and the light version too) - they're really vanilla-y, so I've switched to that instead of skim milk - rather tasty!

  4. I hate, hate, HATE bananas - mostly the smell and the slime. Rather like the custard idea but will have to find it a new partner!