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Thursday, 8 December 2011


Hello everyone, my name is Alexa and I'm a (not so secret) swisher...

I was introduced to this craze by a friend of mine last week and now cannot wait for my next fix! Before any of you with your mind in the sewer (like mine usually is) start thinking it's some sort of rudy thing,it's far from it! Swishing is the swapping of clothes you no longer like/want/fit into in a party environment, the inclusion of cupcakes and wine is optional yet highly advisable.

We had a great time and one girl was lucky enough to walk away with a brand new set of GHD straighteners as a girl had brought them to get rid as they were an unwanted gift from an ex and she couldn't stand them in the house any longer! Another lucky girl ended up with a few brand new Ann Summers bras as one lady organises Ann Summers partys and was getting rid of her samples, unfortunately I'm far too "blessed" in that department to have been able to benefit. I was lucky enough to come away with some shoes and a couple of skirts, not bad to say the majority of the girls are rather teeny tiny!

Any way I thought it was something that some of you lovelies may be interested in organising with your mates as we all really enjoyed ourselves.

In other news I am now a whole year closer to being 30, it's been a year since our amazing weekend in Edinburgh and Fancy Pants is now three months old!!!

Lex xxx

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  1. I've only been to one Swishing party and LOVED it. Must look out for another one - or organise one myself!

    Congratulations on Fancy Pants and Happy 2012!!

    Lesley x