I am starting this blog to help to motivate myself even more on this weight loss journey. I started just after Christmas 2009 and I know it will be a long journey but one I lknow will be worth it in the end. This has been a long time coming....

Monday, 3 May 2010

Bake - A - Thon

I know I haven't written for a few days so I thought know would be a good time to start as I mean to go on and try to blog as much as possible. Yet another good result at the dreaded weigh in this morning, 3 lbs off this week. This means I'm now at 2 stone 4 lbs lost in total.

This weekend has seen me bake more than I think I ever have in my life! I'm sure the neighbours think we're setting up some sort of black market bun dealers with the smells that have been wafting from under our door!
It all kicked off with a request for a cake for my youngest sister's birthday ready for Saturday night. I know I'm blowing my own trumpet when I say this, and I do apologise, but it was AWESOME!!!! (and yes it did deserve the capitals and exclamation marks). Her and Mr B have a bit of an "in" joke where she's called chocolate bear, so that's exactly what I made her.

The girl who served us at Franky and Bennie' said it was the most amazing cake she had ever seen, which made me grin like a loon!

We had a lovely family meal for her birthday, I even managed to stray from my usual safe bet choices at F & B's and had Salmon! No idea where that choice came from, but it was gorgeous!

Sunday was the grand trip into Leeds to get my latest charm from the holy grail that is the Thomas Sabo shop. I love the location of it too, it's in the Victoria Quarter which is my favourite part of the city centre. It's so beautiful, and such a stark contrast from the main shopping area. I do love a gorgeous building! It also helps that Vivienne Westwood's shop is in there, as is the side door to Harvey Nicholls! The fateful trip to the holy grail yesterday also meant that I stumbled across a shop that has become my new favourite place EVER! I have previously mentioned in my ramblings that is this blog that I love anything vintage/retro especially the fashions. Well this shop has the whole package! There's make up, pretty things, bath and body stuff, pretty things, jewellery, pretty things, and the most fantastic dresses I have ever seen in real life! Oh and did I mention the pretty things????

The search for the dress for the wedding we're off to in July is over! Just need to go closer to the time and see what size I am. That's another thing that's bugging me to be honest. I can't stand all this being between sizes! I know it'll be worth it in the end but it is just sooooooo frustrating!!! Managed to get a few bits for work from Primark yesterday, but could I hell find a summer jacket! I think that the British high street has forgotten what really happens during British summer time! Bring out the jackets please!!!!!!

I finished off the weekend with even more baking, this time for work. We are having a cake bake all this week in aid if the MS society. My baking day fell on today, so last night saw a very flustered Lex conjuring up delicious treats in the kitchen. Even though it's a bank holiday and there aren't many people in, we've still managed to raise a fair bit from what I can see peeking inside the money pot.

One thing's for sure, I've seen enough buns this weekend to put me off them for a good while yet!

Lex xxx

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