I am starting this blog to help to motivate myself even more on this weight loss journey. I started just after Christmas 2009 and I know it will be a long journey but one I lknow will be worth it in the end. This has been a long time coming....

Monday, 10 May 2010

It's Going!

My head really wasn't in the weight watchers zone last week at all, and it's one of the only times so far I've really wanted to sack it in and give up. But my dear gorgeous wonderful readers, I still managed to do something right as I managed to lose 1 lb! I'm very chuffed with this as with how I was feeling I didn't expect anything at all. I'm now at 16 stone 1 lb, a total of 2 stone 5 lb. I hope that if I work my bum off this week I can get into the 15 stone bracket for next weigh in.

On the subject of weigh in's, I'm in a bit of a pickle. We are going away on Saturday to Cardiff for a few days and we'll be away when I'm supposed to weigh in on Monday morning. We're back Thursday though. Now for my dilemma, do I weigh in Saturday before we go away or Thursday when we're back?? Pretty please, any advice would be great.

We had a lovely weekend, and I said I wouldn't moan about how tired I am so I won't (but I am hahahaha). York was packed so we did extra walking around all the tourists that were going at snail pace and stopping for no reason! Grrrrrrr! Tea was a treat of a curry out, which was GORGEOUS and very well deserved from what we'd been through earlier hahaha. I was very well behaved and had veg curry rather than what I really really wanted, although I could really taste all the oil in everything so I doubt I'd have enjoyed it that much.

Ikea was nice and un-eventful, just how I like it! Us girls were there before the Swedish mecca opened, and then we (obviously!) headed straight for the cafe! I was even saintly there and didn't give in to the cooked breakfast, although the amount of money that exchanged hands at the tills was far from saintly! Better go hide the IKEA receipt before Mr B finds it!

Before I go, I would just like to say a ginormous thank you to Angela and her blog which is :

She is a very very inspiring lady and I love reading her blog.
Lex xx

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