I am starting this blog to help to motivate myself even more on this weight loss journey. I started just after Christmas 2009 and I know it will be a long journey but one I lknow will be worth it in the end. This has been a long time coming....

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Three C's

Well I'm back after a lovely week spent relaxing in Cardiff and at home. We had a great time and was lovely to spend some time completely away from everything back home.

The three C's as I mention in the title are Cardiff,co-workers and compliments but I'll get to that in a mo if that's ok.

First things first, weight loss! I had the dilemma as to what day to weigh in on so I went for the Saturday morning before we went. Was a good result with a 1 lb loss taking me to 16st dead on. I was dead chuffed with that! I tracked as best as I could all week and tried very very hard not to eat absolute crap like I normally would have done previously. This week's WI yesterday morning was a big shocker. Even with all the wine I had last week I managed to lose 1lb. So now my weight is 15st 13lb, that's 2 and a half stone GONE!!!! I'm feeling very proud.

Cardiff is lovely, we have now been there twice and really enjoyed it both times. We went off exploring and went to the bay, the millennium centre, a distillery and then to where Mr B's mum is originally from. It was brill. It was great to relax and get away from all the poop that is happening around us at home at the mo.

That brings me on to my second C, co-workers. All I can say is GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Yes that is now a word. They are all rubbish (I'm being polite, I wanted to put a swear word in). I have been off and have come back in to a weeks worth of work as no one else apparently knows how to do anything here. May I please repeat my earlier statement of GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Thank you.

Now to my nice C, compliments. So far this week, bearing in mind it's only Tuesday, I have had three compliments all regarding my weight. Two have been from people I haven't seen for a while at work, they both said that I was looking slim and gorgeous! How very kind! But my favourite is from my favourite person at work. He is very daft just like me, that's probably why we get on so well! He told me that now I have lost weight around my face my big gorgeous eyes looked even bigger. They now look like Disney princess eyes! It did make me chuckle.

My plan for this week is to keep on going and not lose the motivation that I have found. So far there's only Thursday night that might prove tricky but I'm sure it's nothing a bowl of my AMAZING Butternut squash soup at dinner time can't solve!

Lex xx

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