I am starting this blog to help to motivate myself even more on this weight loss journey. I started just after Christmas 2009 and I know it will be a long journey but one I lknow will be worth it in the end. This has been a long time coming....

Friday, 1 October 2010

Ho Hum!

Well my lovely readers, once again I find myself making the age old excuse of life getting in the way of my little blog. So lets have a quick update of slight mishaps of this week:

  • The trip to Leeds was cancelled

  • My so called "holiday days" were far from relaxing

  • The hair dressers cut my neck!

  • I had a slight "episode" and couldn't stop crying!

Not a great start to the week admittedly! Mum really wasn't well so we had to cancel our girly day out, which was a great shame but it just means we'll have to make it extra special when we finally do get to go. That's what kind of started my mini-meltdown on Monday night if I'm honest, from which I have now calmed down thanks to the awesomeness of my Mr B.

I had Monday to Wednesday off as holiday days, and as I have said, I did not relax one bit! Poor Dad's car stopped dead in Sheffield city centre on Monday evening, so I have been doing as much as I can to help him and Mum over the past few days. They're going away for the weekend too so I have lent them Ariel (my car!), it was either my girly turquoise skoda, or Kheira's fiesta and mine won out with engine size and boot space hahahaha. I'm sure Mum still packs for five even though there's only them two going!!!

Wednesday was a slightly better day! I have finally had my hair cut thank god! It was getting very desperate, and had started doing what all curly haired people will recognise as the "growing out instead of down" routine! All was well until she went to trim my hair with the clippers along my neck line and cut my neck!!! It's still a bit sore but it now just looks like a line of hair dye on my neck!

Now to the good parts! I promise there are some and that this blog is not just a collection of my moaning! Mr B and I spent the day in York on Saturday and caught up with some friends, he then surprised me by telling me he had booked us into a hotel. It turned out to be a gorgeous place near Harrogate. It was an awesome surprise and I sometimes think that I'm not worthy of someone so loving and kind.

Weight Watchers was a great success again this week, I somehow managed to lose 2 whole lbs this last week. I have no idea how, not that I'm complaining mind you! I am really hoping and praying for at least a lb loss this week, that would take me to my 10% since starting to attend meetings. Fingers crossed for me please everyone!

I will try and check in again over the next few days! I really don't like leaving it this long between blogs!

Lex xxx

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  1. Looking good lady! Good work on the weight loss too - can you give me some of your motivation please??

    Have a good week x