I am starting this blog to help to motivate myself even more on this weight loss journey. I started just after Christmas 2009 and I know it will be a long journey but one I lknow will be worth it in the end. This has been a long time coming....

Monday, 25 October 2010

Damage Limitation

Bonjour my lovelies, I hope you all had a lovely weekend and you've managed to get warm at some point today! The sun is now taunting me by being out and lovely, but I know how cold it is out there!! Stupid northern weather and it's stupid frostiness! Although the plus point was that my lovely hat that Mum made for me kept my ears toasty.

Well the lurgie has returned with a vengeance, thus giving me a gravelly voice and a cough any smoker of around 100 a day would be proud of. Does coughing count towards earning activity points? It's certainly making me ache like I've been doing some sort of sit up all night long! It probably has something to do with lack of sleep and spending Saturday afternoon sat in a draught in a freezing restaurant...

Saturday was Kheira and my adventure to meet up with some family for our auntie's 50th. Mum and Dad are "accidentally" away this week so it was left to us two to go nosey, I er mean enjoy ourselves. The venue of my Auntie's 50th bash was changed at the last minute, so I went from knowing what I was having at the planned Italian meal to facing the challenge of eating in a place where I used to love their burgers and curly fries. Torture is not the word!

Kheira and I glammed up ready for the celebrations only to be faced with the prospect of spending the afternoon freezing in the restaurant with some of our least favourite people. It turned out not too bad to be honest. The food was rubbish which meant that I didn't go over points, and there was plenty of conversation so we stopped noticing how cold we all were!

Most of the people that were there haven't seen me since maybe new year time, so it was a massive shock to them to see me looking so different. My uncle who's a typical blokey bloke even told me I looked stunning which meant a lot to me I can tell you.

Mr B and I had a nice relaxing day on Sunday. It was lovely for it just to be us two rather than us visiting or people visiting us. We walked up into town so I could collect my snazzy new specs and then enjoyed lunch in a gorgeous coffee shop that we have found all tucked away. I will post some pics of my glasses on here but I am paler than a pale thing on a pale day today, even more so than usual. It also doesn't help that my rudolph-esque sore nose is being highlighted by the red top I am wearing!

This weekend has mainly been about damage limitation. What with the meal out on Saturday, and me on a two day health and safety course on Tuesday with an over night stay in a hotel, I won't be able to control as many things as I would like to be able to. I went to the gym on Friday before my shift started and I'm hopefully going straight from work tonight, plus I have racked up activity points with all the walking this weekend, but I'm starting to fret that it might not have been enough for even a STS never mind a loss. I have pointed religiously and nothing has passed my lips that has not been written down, but the slight niggly feeling that arrives on the morning of WI day has arrived two days early! I'm not a fan of this! I know that it's only for this week, and I can get back on track on Wednesday night, and I also know that I have done all I can before hand to try and counteract the daft things like maybe not being able to drink enough water during the course.

I'm sure all will be fine, but I am a born worrier! So I shall be giving myself a mental slap and carrying on with all the good work. I shall now concentrate on worrying about having to spend two full days on this course with work mates that I am less than enthusiastic about...

Lex xxx

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  1. Hopefully the scales will be kind to you. I am expecting them to be hideous to me, but it might be the kick up the backside I need!

    Hope the course goes ok x