I am starting this blog to help to motivate myself even more on this weight loss journey. I started just after Christmas 2009 and I know it will be a long journey but one I lknow will be worth it in the end. This has been a long time coming....

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


It's Wednesday boys and girls, which means only one thing in Lex land....WI day! Lets see what the scales have in store for this evening. I'm very dubious as I'm feeling tres bloaty today even though I've pretty much drank my own weight in water. But what ever happens happens as I know I've been on track this week. Everything is accounted for, including the wine on Saturday night!

Lets get down to business shall we! I'm ashamed to say I don't really know what goes into my soups. It tends to be a random combination of any veg that needs using up to be honest. Although my main staples are usually onions, peppers, courgettes, carrot, butternut squash. I tend to roast them in a hot oven until they look nice and roasted and then whizz them up with some water and a stock cube to get it to what I feel is the right consistency. It usually makes a fair old pans worth which I freeze in clip lock boxes that I know hold two portions of soup.

The tomato soup that I had Monday and Tuesday was quite a creation! I will try to recreate the recipe!

Large pack of fresh tomatoes

some garlic cloves

tinned chopped tomatoes

dried mixed herbs

Jar/carton of passata

salt and pepper

  • Get the oven nice and hot (around 190/200/gas 6). Put the whole fresh tomatoes on a roasting tin along with the whole garlic cloves, spray with a little oil, season with salt and pepper and place in oven for around 20 mins

  • Pour the tinned tomatoes around the others in the roasting tin and season with the herbs. Put back in the oven for around 15-20 mins or until the fresh tomatoes are looking nice and darkened.

  • Once cooked, transfer these tomatoes into a large pan(keeping garlic to one side) and add the passata. Squeeze the garlic into the tomato mix and blend together, adding mores seasoning in needed and a little stock/water to make it the consistency you like.

Enjoy! I hope that make sense to you all. I'm not the best at things like this but I do try! Here is a pic of my roast veg soup from today, along with a whole meal pitta to keep me going!

The eyebrow torture I er mean er waxing went great last night. Lovely Lianne has done a grand job and I no longer have ginger caterpillars on my face! Hurrah! As much as I love Lianne, one of her colleagues is extremely overly familiar and pushy with the products. I gave in and let her do my make up. Now I'm not a big fan of a shiny face on myself, yet she tried convincing me that a shiny face and lots of blusher is the way forward. I know I'm a bit pale but I don't think I'm quite corspe-esq to require that much slap! I do like their products though, especially the glam vintagey style packaging. I am a bit of a magpie for anything like that, especially if it comes wrapped in something pretty or sparkly!

Tea at Chiquitos was lovely and yummy, and I stuck by my intentions of pre planning everything before hand. Lauren however gave in and had garlic bread with cheese and the macaroni and cheese! I suppose one of us had to be naughty! We sat and nattered for hours and put the world to rights much to the annoyance of our waiter I think. We met at the one on the retail park near IKEA in Leeds (if one one knows it) and seen as I got there early I decided to park at the restaurant and walk up to IKEA for an extension lead for Mr B. I certainly earned my activity points yesterday playing "hunt the staff member" and then trying to convince them the extension leads were not actually where they said they were!!! Grrrr! Oh well I found them eventually!
I mentioned FB yesterday on here, if anyone would like to add me my full name is Alexa Brammer. Please write a message saying you are a blog reader!
Lex xxx


  1. Ooooh, hope WI goes well.

    Tomato soup sounds lush - Heinz cream of tomato was a staple when I was a little girl and I keep meaning to try and recreate something similar - I reckon your recipe with some extra low fat soft cheese melted through at the end might be rather nice.

    And fellow Benefit fan here - I'm obsessed with make up in general but absolutely adore the Benefit powders in the square boxes. Did you ever go into Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful in Leeds? That was a great place for cute make up - it's disappeared now, although I think they still sell some of their products in Lush.


  2. Ooooooo the soft cheese sounds good, I will definately try that!

    I love make up too. I loved that shop :( full of pretty things! They still do the odd bit online I think.