I am starting this blog to help to motivate myself even more on this weight loss journey. I started just after Christmas 2009 and I know it will be a long journey but one I lknow will be worth it in the end. This has been a long time coming....

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Wednesday = WI Day

It's WI day once more bloggettes, how on earth does it come round so fast?! I have tracked, tracked and tracked some more this week so we shall see what the oracle at the scales has to say later on. After the slight bloaty blip of last week I have my fingers crossed for a loss, I think I've earned it to be fair!

This week hasn't been too eventful so far which has been a nice change. I think I'm finally getting settled back into the swing of everything with work and life which can only be a good thing. The only "event" really is that my tiny (4ft 11.5inches to be precise!) Grandma tripped over at home and thought she'd broken her foot! Cue many phone calls from her to my Dad (her son) and a trip to A&E courtesy of my Auntie, plus a ride in a wheel chair that she thought was hilarious! Turns out it's, luckily, soft tissue damage which is a bonus for a woman of 78 years of age. She is now more concerned that she's had to cut her "best" slippers to get her bandaged foot into it, she's ruined a Christmas cake she was in the middle of baking and that she doesn't want to miss bingo with the girls at lunch time today! She was having a medicinal glass of red wine when I called in to see her last night...

Any way, I got to the gym on Monday night and had a run again! I'm getting quite into it to be honest and I never thought I would. Running is just something that never really appealed until recently. I thought I'd be too big to go on a treadmill never mind run, then there'd be the inevitable jiggling of body parts, throw into the mix tons of sweatiness and my total clumsiness/lack of coordination and I thought it could only end in disaster. On the up side I'm now running most times I go to the gym so feeling very proud of this new habit I've developed. Off to the gym from work this afternoon, then hopefully again on Friday before Mr B and I go on a date night adventure!

Speaking of Mr B, there is a reason there are hardly any pics of him on this blog. I love him to bits and find him incredibly attractive, gorgeous and handsome. All except for when he has his picture taken!! I have very few pictures of him looking like a normal human being and not pulling a daft face. Here evidence of what I mean, taken the other Saturday night in the hotel we stayed in:

Exhibit A

All lovely and smiley until the photo is taken and then we get scary alien face Mr B! He doesn't look like this so I have no idea what goes on to make it happen!!

On a quick note, how many of you lovely blog readers live in and around Yorkshire? Would be great to meet up with a few of you one day.

Lex xxx


  1. Awww, hope your Gran is ok. And good luck with those tricksy scales :-)


  2. Hope your Gran is ok and the scales were kind to you!

    Matt is the same in photos. He always manage to pull some stupid face which makes him look like a right eejit :)