I am starting this blog to help to motivate myself even more on this weight loss journey. I started just after Christmas 2009 and I know it will be a long journey but one I lknow will be worth it in the end. This has been a long time coming....

Monday, 13 September 2010

Fully Fledged Campist

Well what can I say boys and girls, camping was AWESOME!!!! I loved every minute of it, even when some giant spiders invited themselves in for a party in our bedroom space and the very loud argument that was happening at the end of the site kept us all entertained for ages!

Here is Mr B celebrating the fact that the tent hasn't blown away...

We managed to get to the site whilst the sun was still shining, but the wind was very windy! The tent took some putting up I can tell you, but only really due to the fact that we didn't practice before we went away (but the less said about that the better....). We were both extremely grateful that we got there when is was dry and bright unlike the family that were setting up camp in the dark at 10pm on Friday night!!!

We decided to have a treat of pizza from the take away on the site for Friday night tea and then cook on our little stove on the Saturday. The pizza was ok I suppose but I've not eaten it for a good while and really wish there had been some healthier options in the club house rather than fried stuff with chips! But I really really enjoyed my ice cream in the harbour bar ice cream parlour on Saturday. I didn't eat them both, I just had to eat the mandarin off Mr B's as "fruit is just wrong" apparently! Mmmmmmmm Ice cream how I have missed you.....

Turkey stir fry made on the camping stove was made even more excellent by watching a family put their tent up whilst arguing about who forgot to bring what.

Well I'm sorry but the weekend was pretty much taken up by camping and walking, so not very exciting. I've a feeling that it's going to be a long week at work, I am working 12 hours today and tomorrow, my normal shift on Wednesday and lates on Thursday and Friday (3pm-11pm). The only bonus about the late shifts is that I can actually go to the gym before work on both days, and hopefully partake in an exercise class.

Lex xxx


  1. Glad you had a good time. I am scared of camping - I am not really at one with nature :)


  2. Neither am I, think I only managed as we were so close to the toilet block and we were sleeping on an air bed! x