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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Excuse Me, Could I Just Eat Your Lunch For You??

Could someone please explain why, on WI day of all days, I am having a proper hungry day. I should be full as my roast veg soup (made by my own fair hands I might add) was lovely, and I even had a wholemeal pitta to make me last until after the WW meeting tonight but I AM HUNGRY!!!!! At least the mad rush once I've finished work should keep me from consuming the contents of the fridge once I get in.

Tonight is the night of my sister Kheira's first ever WW meeting and I can't wait! I've just realised how sad that sounds too.... oh well! I hope she enjoys meeting all the lovely people that I have become friends with in the short time that I've been attending WW meetings.

Tonight I shall be mainly cooking a recipe from one of the older WW cook books I purchased from play. It's barbecue beef and bean something or other and it looks AWESOME! I shall let you know how it went tomorrow. I haven't looked through either of them properly yet though as Mum and Grandma were hogging the books and sticking post-its on all the pages they want photocopying. I think it might be kinder to the environment if I just bought them the books each!

On another note I need to chat to Mr B about what we're actually taking with us on our maiden camping voyage to sunny Scarborough this up coming weekend. Does any one have any suggestions food wise etc? I don't want to try and cook loads but at the same time I'm not sure how close we are to any thing for going out for meals.
I would love it if our tent looked like this, I think I might even move in.Mr B wouldn't let me have a tent like this though as he is very mean!

Lex xxx

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  1. I hate hungry days! But hope your meeting went well and your sis enjoyed it.

    Having a similar dilemma with regards to camping food, we're only in the tent for one night tho and have completely cheated by booking a local restaurant!