I am starting this blog to help to motivate myself even more on this weight loss journey. I started just after Christmas 2009 and I know it will be a long journey but one I lknow will be worth it in the end. This has been a long time coming....

Friday, 10 December 2010

Thrice Weekly...

No you rude minded readers, nothing to do with rudy things! Please drag your mind's from the gutters! My three things are to do with changes I have made this week.

Firstly, I have finally managed to get in three gym visits! Hooraah! Well it'll be three after tonight's jaunt anyway. This has taken military planning given the weather and that the roads are still pappy everywhere. Our gym is at the bottom of a hill of doom that I fear my car may not survive in the ice, hence the lack of visits since before we went to Edinburgh.

So I went for my usual workout on Tuesday night, a swim on Wednesday in my new smaller costume (not sure I like swimming in a halter neck though...), and tonight ladies and gentlemen, drum roll please....I shall be losing my ZUMBA virginity! I can't wait, I've heard so many great things about the classes and I have finally plucked up enough courage to go to a class. Have any of you Zumba'd before?? How did you point the activity on the tracker??

This leads me nicely into my other three things. I have set myself the challenge of doing three things differently or trying something different, this was brewing in the back of my mind any way but was even more backed up by the fact that this has started appearing in the front of the "Your Week" mags from the meetings.

I have been wanting to try different fruit and veg to what we usually get in our shopping, and I was struggling to find a way to sneak in something that Mr B would also eat so it wouldn't go to waste. I was struck by a stroke of genius in the fruit aisle in my local Tesco on Monday, he doesn't like fruit so why not just try fruit for a while. After all, it's now 0 pp so unless I consume a full fruit bowl a day I should be ok. I have no idea how they got to Barnsley, but I found Persimmon fruit! I have read a few blogs about this fruit and have tried for a while to get hold of some and finally succeeded. It's quite difficult to describe to taste, I suppose its got an apple like skin on it, with a sort of peach/apricot type fleshy flesh. Sorry for such a rubbish description! I also picked up a pomelo fruit, I am yet to eat this but apparently its a bit like a grapefruit, only the outside is green... Here is a pic of the persimmons

My second thing is to try new recipes that we haven't eaten before as we've found a few favourites and they keep making an appearance on a very regular basis. So far we have had a very yummy chicken and bacon casserole and a peppery meat loaf. I thing both of these will be making another appearance!
My third new thing is the Zumba class at the gym. I have been on about booking into a class for ages now, and I finally feel I have enough confidence to go out and do it. I hope I'll meet and get to know some new people in doing this, as all my friends live a long way from me now which sucks! I think it's been the confidence and lack of self belief that's held me back from going before, I'm happy to say that even though I still have MAJOR up and down days, I think my mind is catching up with my weight loss. Bonus!
On about weight loss, WI went well this week. I have lost the 1.5 lb that I gained before we went away, plus the same again so I'm now at 5 stone 1.5lb gone. I'm very chuffed with that, that takes me to 4.5 lb gone in the 4 weeks that Propoints has been in action.
Right I will now stop rambling and go and do some work, major H&S inspections and audits today so my boss's stress levels are through the roof bless him!
One more thing before I go though, I want to send Linz lots of love and hugs and I hope that she hears something soon to put her mind at rest. We're all thinking of you lovely :)
Lex xxx

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