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Thursday, 23 December 2010

The Foods Of Christmas Past

This is going to be my first attempt at Christmas on WW as I'm sure I've already said at least once during my many ramblings, and I'm beginning to look forward to it properly now. My festivities are kicking off today with the lovely Mr B's birthday, who is yet to decide where he would like to go for his tea I might add! Thank you for party points WW!! Just need to keep a reign on them in case of mince pie related incidents...

A lot has changed in the last year, least of all my appearance but I will be doing a post on that next week. One of the big changes has obviously had to be my eating habits. Old Lex would eat for eating's sake until she was so stuffed it hurt or was so bloated that it was un comfy to wear anything tight fitting! There were seconds, and sometimes thirds at many a meal unless the plate was already groaning with the weight of what could feed a small army for a week.

This Christmas dinner is being cooked by yours truly, and just for Mr B and I too. So I only have to please us, which is fairly easy as long as there are no parsnips near his plate or evil evil garden peas near mine. There a very few temptations for me in our cupboards as we are essentially being fed by others throughout Christmas, which is making it so much more easy for me to point everything up and keep "old Lex" in check. I think I may almost be at the stage where I no longer eat because it's put in front of me or because something is just there and to be polite which is a very big deal is my little head!

Yesterday I sat and tried to remember what a typical Christmas day's food used to be like and it went something like this:

BREAKFAST ~ Selection box, or most of one plus two slices thick white toast and proper butter


LUNCH ~ Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, seconds, lots of wine, pudding/s


TEA ~ Nibbles, sandwiches, crisps, party food, cake, dips, more wine/alcohol of some sort

Just writing that down makes me feel more than a little bit ill, I might try and point it up just out of curiosity!

This year I am hoping for a cleaner, less stodge related Christmas. The two main obstacles in this plan being Mr B's parent's Christmas day tea time, and dinner at my grandma's on boxing day. The in-laws put on a proper "spread" as it were at any time of year never mind at Christmas so I need to keep a firm grip on "old Lex" seen as it really will be the food ghosts of Christmas past on that there dinning table. In saying that I'm not even sure my body could handle all the bread and pastry that will be there. Old Lex took over in York last Sunday and bought a sausage roll type jobbie with the sandwiches for lunch. I took one bite and swiftly gave it to Mr B who devoured the evidence! All I could taste was grease and it was VILE with a capitol V! Mr B seemed to enjoy it though...

Dinner at Grandma's should, in theory, be a little easier as Grandma is a veggie so I will be surrounded by lovely, filling, 0 pp food! Hurrah! I shall be making a few dozen of the WW friendly mince pies to accompany me on these jaunts so I know that if all else fails there's at least one sweet option that isn't too bad.

On that note bloggerinos I think I may wish you all a very very very merry Christmas! I hope you all have a lovely time what ever you get up to, and I hope Father Christmas remembers where you live!

Lex xxx

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