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Monday, 27 June 2011

28 Weeks and All's (S)well!

Hello my lovelies, I hope you are making the most of the British summer! Personally I've never been a fan of heat and the sun, being of the ginger and freckly persuasion we don't mix well. Yet another weekend has flown by, I'm sure that the government is making some sort of cut backs on those too, I swear they lasted for ages when we were little kids!

Not much to catch up on with me to be honest, thank fully both Bean and I have recovered from an evil virus that was doing the rounds. It knocked me for six, and I passed it on to Bean to. Apparently it's very unusual to do that but not un heard of, trust me! I ended up being off work for a week due to feeling like poop and Bean scaring me and not moving much at all.

Once again Mr B organised a lovely treat for us both at the weekend. I am a bit of a "Grand Designs" geek if I'm honest and I love architecture and finding out how stuff was made and how it works. I have two favourite episodes, one being a house made out of wood in some woods that is so beautiful and magical it could almost be something a bit Harry Potter-ish, and the other is a castle that's in ruins that the owners completely re-build and end up having to run as a B&B to finance the project. We stayed there on Saturday night!

Here is Peel castle at Hellifield near Skipton in all it's castley glory.

The bedroom that we stayed in had a four poster bed with flags on the top! Sounds naff, I know I'm not doing it justice but it really was very very pretty. Growing up next to a castle I have always been fascinated by them so it was amazing to actually stay in one!

So back to the matter in hand, bean has now been cooking for 28 weeks which means that I only have 12 weeks left until I pop! How very scary! I only have 8 weeks left to work (not that I'm counting down or anything ;) ), come 3 pm on the 26th of August you will not see me for dust, well once I've waddled to the car...

This week is a week full of appointments unfortunately. Due to me still being classed as over weight when I fell pregnant, I have to be tested for gestational diabetes. So I have to fast over night tonight, and I'm not allowed to eat or drink anything except water until the glucose test is over at around lunch time tomorrow. Then I have to have an injection called an "anti-D". I only found out my blood group the other day which is O negative (apparently rare, you know I don't like to conform!), and they assume the baby's blood is positive. If the baby's blood transferred into mine with this pregnancy there would be no harm done, but if we have any more babies then my body could try and treat the pregnancy as an infection and terminate it. All scary stuff! Then Wednesday it's off for a routine 28 week midwife check up and yet more bloods! I'll be like a pin cushion by tea time on Wednesday!

Bean has been very active the last few days, although last night takes the biscuit. Mr b fancies Beyonce like you wouldn't believe, and the lady in question was headlining at Glastonbury last night. Cue Mr B sat on the edge of the sofa drooling with the sound up totally ignoring anything I said! Bean obviously appreciated the music and was jiggling and dancing away, Mr B reckons Bean was doing the single ladies dance in there as you could see my belly move!!

Any way, here are some sneaky update pics for your perusal:

I still don't think I'm that big to say I'm over 6 months gone now. Although I have felt very heavy and slow over the past few days due to the heat.

I suppose I really should get on with some work seen as I'm out of the office for most of the week on baby related business. Wish me look with the vampires, sorry, nurses over the next few days!

Lex xxx

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