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Monday, 30 May 2011

24 Weeks Gone, 16 Weeks to D-Day!!!

Hello boys and girls, I hope you are all well. I'm still here plodding along, although a lot more slowly than I would like!

I am now 24 weeks gone, and look like I am now actually pregnant instead of just looking like I'm putting on weight or in need of a big trump! I'm surprised at how firm my bump is, I thought it would be a bit like having a big belly again, but it really isn't. Bean is growing nicely as far as I know, I'm at the midwife on Wednesday for a check up. I think this is when they start measuring how big my bump is getting and see if it's growing as it should be. There is plenty of movement in there now, mainly when Mr B is around as Bean seems to love his voice. Although music tends to get Bean moving too, favourites include most things by Rhianna or Beyonce (Mr B thinks Bean is a boy due to this!), Tainted Love, and most things of the cheesy pop ilk! This baby definitely doesn't take after me!!

Once again I am working on a Bank Holiday, although it is now chucking it down so I'm glad to be tucked away warm and safe! It seems like months since we were trying to relax at the caravan in Skeggy, but it was only last week! I say trying to relax as we were both hoping for lie in's due to the fact that I'm up for 5.30 am during the week, and Mr B isn't too far behind me. Unfortunately we chose the one week in Skeg where the hard standing for the cars was being re-surfaced from 7.30 am every bloody morning!!!! Grrrrrr!!!

My maternity leave dates have all been made official now with HR, I will leave on the 26th of August which is 12 weeks away!!! Not that I'm counting of course...

Lex xxx

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